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Adygean salt: composition, useful properties and recipe for cooking

Unlike cooking salt, Adygean salt is impregnated with smells, flavors of vegetable additives, together with them vitaminized, acquires more useful characteristics. The popular seasoning is bought in supermarkets or made themselves at home.

Adygeyan salt: how it looks, what it consists of and what it tastes like

For decades, the inhabitants of Adygea have been selecting combined spices, spices that were pressed into the salt by stone, until a product with a unique mixture of flavors turned out. It is noteworthy that the smell of the obligatory ingredient garlic does not dominate in Adygean salt, it is absorbed by the flavors of spices.

What is Adygean salt

Multicomponent seasoning is healthier than ordinary salt, used in smaller quantities. The effect of greater saltiness is due to better permeability into the structure of products.

Recognition of the quality and popularity of Adygea salt is evidenced by the fact that in 2006 the spice was in the top hundred products of Russia.

How does it look like

The color of salt with a set of spices depends on the species, the number of additives. If there are more herbs, the color of the product is closer to green, the composition is dominated by paprika, other natural spices - there will be more red, yellow color.

The more herbs and spices, the Adygean salt is brighter, more fragrant.

What does it consist of?

The two mandatory components are salt (can be sea salt), fresh garlic.

The list of other components includes:

  • ground coriander seeds;
  • Dried dill, celery, parsley, basil;
  • black pepper, chili, paprika;
  • chaber or pepper herb;
  • marjoram;
  • fenugreek;
  • hopscotch suneli;
  • oregano.

Spices, spices can vary.

What does it taste and smell like?

The taste of Adygean salt is salty-tart with spice and bitterness. Smell - a bright harmonious bouquet of peppers, garlic and spicy herbs, which is difficult to describe in words.


There are 5 types of aromatic salt, differing in place of origin, composition.

  1. Gatlukai spice is the most aromatic, contains more additional components than other types.
  2. Bjedugskaya is dominated by sweet pepper.
  3. When making Abadzeh salt, not ground herbs, but chopped herbs are rubbed into crystals.
  4. Ulyapskaya is the spiciest due to the addition of chili, Shapsugskaya has more black pepper.

What is different from the usual

Adygean seasoning is not just salt, but an aromatic blend.

Other differences:

  1. Cooking salt has 99 percent sodium chloride; Adygean salt has no more than 80 percent.
  2. Caucasian seasoning is packed with vitamins, minerals, and additional ingredients. It is more useful because it enriches seasoned dishes with nutrients.
  3. Adygean salt is less consumed. The property of quickly penetrating into the structure of products prevents high blood pressure, fluid retention, and kidney failure.

And last, but not least advantage of seasoning from Adygea - a rich taste, strong, pleasant smell, which in cooking salt is absent at all.

Useful properties of Adygean salt

Useful properties of Adygean salt

The usefulness of salt, which absorbed all the best that is in vegetable additives, proves the longevity of the Caucasian mountaineers. Adygeyan spice has the following effects on the body:

  • increases immune status, protects against seasonal colds;
  • eliminates toxins;
  • establishes blood circulation;
  • vitaminizes;
  • prevents thrombosis, thinning the blood;
  • Regulates blood glucose levels, cholesterol;
  • concentrates attention, improves memory;
  • supports hormonal background;
  • Reduces the intensity of symptoms of PMS, menopause, menstrual pain in women;
  • strengthens cartilage, bone tissue;
  • Has an antioxidant effect, prolongs youth;
  • It stops inflammation.

Thanks to garlic salt has an antiparasitic effect. Coriander in the composition enhances manhood, red pepper protects against poisoning, black helps the cellular nutrition.

Harm and contraindications

Doctors recommend reducing the amount of spice consumed to a minimum:

  • for obesity;
  • hypertension, heart failure;
  • digestive problems;
  • diseases of the kidneys, liver.

Uncontrolled use of Adygean salt leads to a spike in blood pressure, the formation of edema, the development of osteoporosis, kidney dysfunction.

Culinary Uses

Housewives who have tried it and liked the seasoning, use it when cooking salads, first, second courses, unsweetened baked goods, marinades, gravy, sauces.

What dishes do you use it for?

In home cooking, healthy salt is seasoned:

  • potatoes stewed, fried, mashed;
  • baked vegetables;
  • Scrambled eggs, omelets;
  • duck, goose, rabbit, chicken before baking, meat steaks before roasting;
  • minced meat;
  • meat for shish kebab;
  • sour cream sauce;
  • breadcrumbs;
  • vegetable, meat salads, appetizers;
  • goulash;
  • fried fish, baked fish;
  • oatmeal of pulses;
  • soups.

Adygean salt improves the taste of homemade bread, lepeshkas, samsa, Ossetian pies. Adds spice to pasta, mayonnaise, boiled corn.

Is salt suitable for pickling?

With Adygean salt pickles, salting cucumbers, eggplants. With it turns out fragrant and tasty salted lard.

Spice used in salting those products with which combine herbs and spices that make up it. For example, it is not accepted to salt cabbage with it. The minimum set of additives - peppercorns and bay leaf - is suitable for the vegetable.

To add seasoning to pickles or not - it is a matter of taste of every housewife.

How to choose and store correctly

When buying the product, pay attention to the composition, the expiration date. Natural seasoning should not contain preservatives, fragrances. Allowed substances that prevent caking. If you see yellowed rather than green fragments of chaber in the bag, the salt will be bitter.

How to choose and store Adygean salt

Keep the useful properties of a unique product in hermetically sealed containers, preferably glass, but you can in plastic. Optimal storage conditions - humidity up to 75%, temperature no higher than 25 ° C, protection from sunlight, strong artificial light.

The shelf life of the seasoning - 5-10 years, but it is better to use the product within nine months. The longer it is stored, the more it loses flavor.

Where to buy and how much does it cost

The product is purchased in large supermarkets in the department of spices, on the selling internet sites at a price of 130-250 p. per 1 kg.

Recipes for making Adygean salt

It is not difficult to make a useful product yourself, if you know the composition, the subtleties of preparation. In the Caucasus, every housewife has her own family recipe, passed down from generation to generation. But, apart from the basic one, there are well-established recipes for Bjedugskaya, Gatlukaya and Abadzehskaya salt.

Recipes for making Adygean salt

The Classical Variant

The classic version of the Adygean seasoning in addition to the salt itself (0.7 kg) implies the content in the complex seasoning of 1 tbsp each of honeysuneli, ground coriander seeds, dill herbs, basil, two heads of fresh garlic, 0.5 tsp of chili.

How to make:

  1. In a deep container, pour salt.
  2. Add pressed garlic to it. Grind the mixture with gloved hands, a rolling pin or pestle until smooth, so that the garlic flavor penetrates deep into the crystals.
  3. Pour in the herbs, spices, and grind thoroughly once again.

The seasoning will taste better if you spread it on a baking tray, let it dry out a little, then transfer it to a glass dish, tightly covered with a lid. Even hermetically sealed jar exudes ineffable flavors.


This version of the seasoning is dominated by the taste and smell of paprika, which is more suitable for flavoring second dishes.


  • 500 g salt;
  • 1 tbsp. coriander, honeysuneli, ground paprika;
  • A head of garlic.

Mix sea salt or table salt with ground coriander, honeysuneli, sweet bell pepper. Separately crush with a blender, grater or mincer a head of peeled garlic. Add the vegetable to the seasonings and mix. Store in a glass container with a tightly closing lid.

Video: How to make Adygean salt at home Expand


The highlight of this type of seasoning is that it contains additives of spicy herbs not in ground form, but chopped with a knife.

To make Abadzeh salt (500 g), prepare 1 tbsp. each of parsley, dill, black pepper, a teaspoon of coriander, a large head of garlic.

Grind the last component in any convenient way. Separately in a bowl mix salt with spices, pepper, coriander seeds. Add the garlic. The moist consistency of the resulting product does not require drying. It is transferred to a suitable container, hermetically sealed.


For 1 kg of seasoning you will need:

  • two heads of garlic;
  • 1 tsp. dried parsley, dill, chopped suneli, black pepper;
  • 1.5 tsp. ground coriander;
  • 2 tsp. paprika.

Preparation Steps:

  1. Peel, crush garlic into a pulp.
  2. Grind it with salt, using a mortar and pestle. You will have a garlic paste.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients to the grinded mass, and lastly, coriander which combines all the different smells into one whole.

Gatlukai salt is mostly used in salads and second courses.

Aromatic spice reveals a new taste of dishes, increases their usefulness. To know the exact composition, to be sure in the absence of harmful additives, it is better to make Adygean salt yourself.

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