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Flax porridge: composition, useful properties, recipes for cooking

Flax gruel as such in nature does not exist. It is made from pre-processed flax seeds. Oil is squeezed from them, and the resulting waste (cake) goes to the preparation of porridge.

Composition and calories

Thanks to its rich vitamin composition, flax is ideal for people on a vegetarian diet. He is able to make up for the lack of almost all the necessary human body useful substances. Its composition includes:

  • vitamins of groups A, E, B, PP;
  • The minerals magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium;
  • boron, zinc, aluminum, copper;
  • plant hormones;
  • niacin, thiamine;
  • pantothenic acids;
  • amino acids;
  • fiber.

The caloric value of the finished dish is 312 kcal per 100 g of porridge. Even with the addition of honey or milk, it only increases by 3 kcal. And its hypoallergenicity allows you to use flax as a prophylactic or basic treatment for almost any disease.

What are the benefits of flax porridge

Flax porridge is a unique dish. If it is consumed daily, in the off-season it can protect the human body from colds and viral diseases. This, as specialists assure, will make life easier for people with low immunity. Also flax seeds are very useful in the fight against various parasites (for example, tapeworms). The restorative effect of porridge extends to the teeth, cartilage, bones and skin.

The benefits and harms of flax porridge

For women.

Flax porridge has proven itself as a means of preventing and treating cancerous growths in the breasts, ovaries, uterus. The lignans (plant hormones) it contains cut off the access of blood to cancer cells and do not allow malignant growths to spread further. In addition, flax has the following beneficial properties:

  • normalization of hormonal background;
  • regulation of the menstrual cycle;
  • Reducing the severity of pain during PMS;
  • Improvement of hair and nails;
  • Many women also use it as a means to increase breast augmentation.

For men

The product brings undoubted benefit and the male body. With regular use significantly lowers the possibility of prostate cancer. Increases potency and libido, normalizes the production of testosterone. Of particular value is the product for athletes as a valuable dietary supplement. Flax seed also has the following properties:

  • contribute to strengthening the muscles of the heart;
  • normalize the endocrine and immune systems;
  • stimulate collagen production;
  • normalize blood sugar content;
  • Have an expectorant effect.

During pregnancy

Flaxseeds contain hormones that are similar to women's hormones, so eating them helps to increase the elasticity of the skin. And this in turn reduces the risk of stretch marks during pregnancy and ruptures during childbirth.

Regular consumption of the seeds has a positive effect on the development of the fetus, reduces the risk of intrauterine pathologies and prevents spontaneous abortion.

But with all its benefits groats can also cause harm, because some of the components of porridge in their excess can increase the tone of the uterus, than provoke a miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, it is necessary to consult with your doctor about the dosage and frequency of consumption of this dish before starting to use it.

When breastfeeding

For breastfeeding flax and its dishes have great benefits. When it is consumed, milk production is increased, it is filled with a huge amount of useful substances necessary for the body of the newborn. Among other things, the components of flax porridge normalize the nervous system of a young mother and prevent her from developing symptoms of postpartum depression.

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At what age can I give flax porridge to my child?

For a child, this product is of particular value. It brings valuable vitamins and minerals to the body, protects the joints. It normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the nervous and cardiovascular system.

For children, decoction of flax seed can be given almost from birth. In pediatric practice, information about the negative reaction of the body to it is almost absent. However, flax seed and its derivatives are not an official medicine, but a dietary supplement. The main thing is not to exceed the allowable dosage:

  • 0 to 12 months - 10 to 15 drops;
  • 1 to 7 years - 1 tsp;
  • After 7 years - 1 tbsp.

To clarify the required amount of broth for a particular disease, it is better to consult a pediatrician.

In addition to the broth, the seeds can be ground into flour and added to food as a seasoning. And linseed oil is unique in its scope of application. In addition to consumption in food, it can be used when massaging newborns and infants. Its use helps to soften and moisturize the skin of the child, eliminating diaper rash and contact dermatitis.

The useful properties of flax porridge for weight loss

Flax porridge gives a fat-burning and cleansing effect. Its use promotes the removal of toxins, impurities and other decay products from the body, and also accelerates the metabolic process, thanks to which the extra pounds go. Flax also dulls the feeling of hunger, thus eliminating the need for frequent snacking.

The useful properties of flax porridge for weight loss

It is prepared differently than the usual porridge. The seeds take 250 ml of boiled water per 100 grams, after which they insist for 11-12 hours. After cooking, if you want to improve the taste of the porridge, you can add salt, honey, various fruits, berries or spices. You can mix the seeds with some other cereals or cook them in the form of a broth or kissel. The effectiveness of this treatment will not suffer in any way.

Excellent result will bring the use of the product in the days of detoxification. Once a week you can even eat only flax porridge. It should be eaten in small portions (5 tablespoons at one meal) 5-6 times a day.

You can also use a special diet on flax seeds. During this week you should eat only those products that in one way or another contain flax:

  • Breakfast is a healthy porridge;
  • Lunch - 30 minutes before meals decoction of seeds;
  • dinner - at your discretion.

The main thing is not to forget to take 1 tablespoon of linseed oil 15 minutes before meals. All of the above products have a strong cleansing effect, as well as normalize the metabolism.

The diet menu can include nonfat kefir or ryazhenka, fruit, vegetable or fish broths.

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Flax porridge in medicine

Unloading days on the flax seed are not only an excellent means of losing weight. They can also significantly improve the condition of the body in some diseases. Intestinal and heart disease, cancer, diabetes are just a few of them.

First of all, when buying seeds, it is important to pay attention to their quality. They should be fresh and without any damage. Before cooking, they should be sorted, remove all debris and rinse thoroughly under running water.

Flax porridge in medicine

For Diabetes Mellitus

The glycemic index of flax seed porridge is only 35 units. Its therapeutic properties contribute to the normalization of blood glucose levels in patients and do not allow it to make sudden jumps. Due to this there is no need for frequent use of insulin injections.

In pancreatitis

In the diet of patients with pancreatitis, various porridges occupy one of the first places. And flax porridge is the most useful of them. And although it is quite difficult to call flax a cereal, porridge from it has a beneficial effect on the human body as a whole and on the damaged gastrointestinal tract in particular.

Doctors strongly advise the methodical use of decoction of flax seeds for prevention and treatment, as well as to improve immunity in patients. The peculiarity of the plant is that it contains a unique natural substance - glycoside linamarin. This is the name of the liquid that is released during the brewing or steaming of flaxseed cake. It can envelop the walls of the intestine and stomach with a protective film, thereby reducing the burden on the pancreas. And also gives anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, so it has a calming effect on the pancreas.

Prepare a medicinal infusion is not difficult. You need 3 tablespoons of seed and 1.5-2 cups of boiling water. Pour and let stand for 4-5 hours, periodically shaking thoroughly. Drink 1 tablespoon before each meal for 15-20 minutes.

With gastritis

As a preventive measure, flax seeds can be added to already prepared dishes. For example, in salads or porridges. Both whole and ground grains are suitable for this purpose. In this case it is not recommended to buy the product in ground form, it is better to grind the seeds yourself.

Equally effective is the use of linseed oil. It helps to accelerate regenerative processes in the body, and is also an excellent preventive agent in the presence of inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

Flax with gastritis has a therapeutic effect both with increased and with reduced gastric acidity. However, there are a few nuances to which you should pay attention.

  1. The porridge is cooked with plain water. It is allowed to add a small amount of milk, depending on the stage of the disease.
  2. In the finished state, the seeds should be well-cooked and have a relatively liquid consistency. In extreme cases, you can use a blender to achieve the necessary level of viscosity.
  3. The dish is consumed only in a warm form.
  4. If desired, you can add a small amount of butter, fruit or berries to the porridge.

For constipation

Flaxseed oil gives a pronounced, but gentle laxative effect. Its use leads to normal peristalsis and the function of the gastrointestinal tract. It also helps considerably in the fight against atonic constipation (in the absence of muscle contractions) and the spastic type (when the passage of stools is blocked).

Due to the large amount of vitamins, minerals and acids flax reduces the expression of painful sensations in acute and chronic constipation. It strengthens muscle contraction, so there is no stagnation of stools. It facilitates their exit from the body thanks to its enveloping effect. It also normalizes digestion, promotes the formation of a soft lump of food, which contributes to an easier process of defecation.

Useful substances help the body to empty the bowels in time. The product is highly effective in combating long-term and chronic constipation. However, if used improperly, the product, like any medicine, can cause harm to the body in the form of long-term gastric distress. And, in addition, harm the liver. To avoid this, you should take into account the recommendations of experts.

  1. The daily rate for an adult is 2 teaspoons.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to use flax in combination with other oils or laxatives.
  3. It is necessary to consume it strictly according to the schedule - 30 minutes before a meal.
  4. Do not dilute the oil with boiling water or add it to dishes at the boiling stage.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to treatment, the first thing to do is to find out and eliminate the cause of the gastrointestinal disorder. Flaxseed oil or liquid porridge are recommended as treatment and prevention when constipation is caused by:

  • Improperly designed diet;
  • postoperative period;
  • High or low blood pressure;
  • bowel atony;
  • An exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

For people over 50 years old flax seed consumption without consulting a doctor is extremely undesirable, because there may be some chronic diseases, and the oil can bring them to the stage of exacerbation.

For men, the long-term use of flax seeds is also undesirable. It can increase the level of estrogen.

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If you have gout

Folk medicine offers a huge number of rubs, ointments and infusions, which, according to the patients themselves, perfectly cope with gout as well as pharmacy drugs. One such remedy that relieves painful sensations is an ointment based on activated charcoal. To prepare it, you need to grind two packs of this remedy, mix it with 1 tablespoon of flax. After that, add a small amount of water and mix the resulting mixture thoroughly. The drug is rubbed into the joint area every day, preferably at night. After that, a polyethylene and some warm cloth are put on the painful area.

Flax also tends to significantly reduce the lactic acid content, making it great for making various decoctions. For example, 2.5 tablespoons of seeds are poured 250 ml of boiled water and simmered over low heat for 15-20 minutes. Then the resulting mixture insists 10 minutes, poured into a glass dish with a lid and shaken thoroughly for another 5 minutes. Take the decoction 5 times a day by 1 tablespoon.

And in the acute form of the course of the disease, the following recipe is ideal. For 500 ml of boiling water, pour 1 tablespoon of seeds, which then insist for an hour. It is recommended to drink the infusion no more than 2 times a day by 1 glass.

How to cook linseed porridge: Recipes

To serve additional ingredients, everyone can choose to his or her own taste. The advantage of this dish is that the dietary fibers of flax after eating it swell in the stomach. Thanks to this feeling of fullness comes much sooner, and hunger is not felt for quite a long period.

How to cook flax porridge

It is better to consume such a treat before the main breakfast to stimulate the appetite. Two to three tablespoons will suffice. And flax with the addition of wheat germ triggers the digestive process and helps food to be digested better with less consumption.

With wheat.

In a separate container, 2 tablespoons of flax seeds are steamed. It is necessary to insist for 12-13 hours. After that, the excess liquid is drained, and the seed is ground with a blender. In the resulting mass, wheat germ is added, and everything is thoroughly mixed. Take such a porridge should be at a minimum, 2-3 tablespoons is enough. It is ideal for consumption in the morning, before breakfast.

With sesame

Pour the flax seeds and sesame seeds in one bowl. In the same place pour warm boiled milk and cover with a lid. Leave to soak for 10 minutes. If you want to improve the taste, you can add honey, a small amount of butter or condensed milk. In addition, the addition of any jam, chopped fruit or raisins is acceptable.

With oat flakes

Flax seeds are poured over boiling water, steeped for 12 hours and ground. Then 2 tablespoons of flakes are also poured in hot water and set aside for 10 minutes. Everything is thoroughly mixed and 1 teaspoon of honey, cottage cheese or ryazhenka is added. This dish is ideal as a first breakfast.

With dried fruit

Soak dried fruit for 30 minutes in water. Suitable are prunes, raisins or apricots. After that, finely chopped with culinary scissors. Linseeds are ground with a coffee grinder and mixed with the fruit. If desired, you can add a piece of banana, pear or apple.

With amaranth

Amaranth flour is very rich in biologically active components. It is mixed with thoroughly ground flax grains in the same ratio. The resulting mixture is poured 250 ml of milk and brought to a boil over low heat, after which it is boiled for another 5-7 minutes. You can add a little honey or berries to improve the taste.

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Why is instant flax porridge good?

Most people believe that instant flax porridge contains almost no nutrients and is therefore inappropriate as a healthy diet. However, flax porridge is an exception to all the rules due to the fact that the seeds are not fully thermally processed but simply steamed with hot water.

What is the usefulness of instant flax porridge?

A special technology is used in the manufacture of such semi-finished products where the crushed flax seeds are steamed. And that is why the ready production retains its useful qualities practically in full volume.

Instant flax porridge is ideal for people who simply do not have time to soak and grind the seeds beforehand. You just need to choose a natural product without chemical preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers.

Can I eat linseed porridge every day?

Despite all the benefits and lack of apparent harm of this product, doctors and nutritionists strongly recommend not to eat it every day. The problem is that flax contains such substances as cyanogenic glycosides. They are quite poisonous and with regular use tend to accumulate in the body, which over time can lead to poisoning.

Harm and contraindications

Flax seeds are very rarely able to harm the human body. Nevertheless, there are several factors in the presence of which it is necessary to refrain from eating them:

  • Individual allergy to flax grits;
  • gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage;
  • cholelithiasis with the presence of stones in the body;
  • diseases of the urogenital system.

Among other things, it is recommended to eat the product infrequently and in small quantities to prevent the accumulation of cyanide substances in the body. The porridge eaten at night will do no harm, but it is better to take it in the morning or at lunchtime.

Whether the flax porridge is beneficial or harmful depends on how properly it is prepared and how often it is consumed. If you introduce flax into the diet gradually, as needed, the state of health will improve and the body will become stronger.

«Important: All information on this site is provided for informational purposes only purposes. Before applying any recommendations, consult a specialist. specialist before you use any of the recommendations. Neither the editors nor the authors shall be held liable for any possible harm caused by materials."

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