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Hercules porridge: composition, useful properties, recipes

The taste of herculean porridge is known to everyone since early childhood. It is often served for breakfast in health resorts, children's institutions, hospitals, as well as cooked at home. In this article, the harm and benefits of this popular product in our country will be studied in detail.

What is oatmeal made of?

Stuffed oats are made from oat seeds by processing them using a special technology, as a result of which the oat seeds are freed from the hard shell. The human body is not able to digest it. The cleaned grains are steamed at high temperatures and flattened with special machines, which makes them look like flakes. The degree to which the oats are processed in this way affects the cooking time of the porridge.

The benefits and harms of Hercules porridge

What is the difference between herkules and oatmeal

Most people, when referring to herkules and oatmeal, believe that these words are simply the name of the same product, but this is not entirely true. What they have in common is that both oatmeal and herkules are made from oats.

A comparison of these cereal products allows us to distinguish several significant differences between them.

The differences between herkules and oatmeal:

  1. Oatmeal is a whole grain. Hercules has the form of flakes, that is, we can say that hercules is oat flakes.
  2. Oat grains are not steamed during the manufacturing process. Hercules in the production process is flattened and steamed at high temperature.
  3. It takes at least 40 minutes to cook oatmeal. Hercules porridge can be cooked in a shorter time, the cooking process takes on average from 2 to 20 minutes, depending on the degree of steam treatment of hercules. There are types of hercules, which do not need to be boiled at all, to cook them just pour boiling water.

Composition and calories

One hundred grams of oatmeal contains 14 g of protein, 6 g of fat and 70 g of carbohydrates, 10 g of which are fiber. No less rich is the chemical composition of the oatmeal, it contains vitamins B1 - 0.43 mg, B2 - 0.10 mg, E - 0.7 mg, as well as the following minerals: iron - 4.38 mg, phosphorus - 1170 mg, magnesium - 55 mg.

The caloric value of hercules is 355 kcal.

What is the benefit of cereal porridge?

General benefits

Due to its rich composition, herculean porridge is incredibly useful.

  1. First of all, this is due to its high content of complex carbohydrates, which saturate the body with energy.
  2. When the porridge is boiled, you may notice the formation of a thick, acidic substance called gluten. This substance is able to coat the walls of the stomach while protecting them from irritation.
  3. The fiber in the cereal swells up and absorbs toxins, thereby cleaning the body of their effects.
  4. The use of oat flakes helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and normalize sugar.
  5. Decoctions of oatmeal is recommended to use in case of sleep disturbance, reduced appetite, fever, post-operative recovery period and also as a diuretic.
  6. The iron compounds contained in oat flakes can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  7. Hercules porridge improves mental performance and enhances mood.

For Women

  1. One of the problems that almost every woman faces is extra pounds. But you should not give up eating this nutritious dish. Cooked oat flakes help speed up the metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins and impurities.
  2. From herkules make face masks, which, thanks to the antibacterial action of oats contribute to the reduction of acne, as well as improve the appearance of the skin.
  3. The female body is prone to varicose veins, and the systematic use of oat flakes helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and the entire circulatory system in general.
  4. The daily use of oatmeal has a favorable effect on the nervous system, which allows women to react more calmly to stressful situations and prevent the development of depression.

The benefits of a mask with the addition of oat flakes
A mask using oat flakes:

  1. It gives the skin a fresh appearance, gets rid of greasy shine, moisturizes and makes it healthier.
  2. Allows you to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.
  3. Narrows pores, so there is a reduced secretion of sebum.
  4. It helps to get rid of pimples.
  5. Protects the skin from the negative effects of the polluted environment.

For the preparation of the mask is suitable flakes, which have been exposed to the least. They can be distinguished by a longer cooking time. Prepared oatmeal is ground, at home this can be done with a blender or coffee grinder.

Preparation of an effective oatmeal mask has several features:

  1. The liquid ingredients included in the mask must be at ambient temperature.
  2. The accompanying ingredients, such as butter and honey, should also be at room temperature.
  3. It is important to stir the mask components until homogeneous.
  4. After using the mask it is necessary to wipe the skin with a tonic and apply the appropriate cream for your skin type.

Recipe for a whitening mask with oat flakes
The whitening mask helps to purify pores, gently removes keratinized particles, gives the skin a fresh appearance. The procedure is not suitable for owners of sensitive facial skin.

Necessary ingredients:

  • oat flakes - 25 g;
  • baking soda - 10 gr;
  • water or decoction of herbs - 100 gr.

To prepare the mask it is necessary to mix crushed oat groats with baking soda and water or herbal decoction. Should turn out a homogeneous mixture of golden hue.

How to use:

  1. Using a cleansing gel or toner, cleanse the skin.
  2. Apply the resulting slurry to the face, avoiding the skin around the mouth and eyes.
  3. Make circular massage movements for one minute, paying particular attention to problem areas.
  4. Wait for 7-10 minutes.
  5. Rinse with running water, wipe skin with a tonic and apply moisturizer.

For men

  1. Taking oatmeal helps to increase libido, which makes a man more desirable and attractive in women's eyes.
  2. Compounds contained in oats have a beneficial effect on a man's reproductive function and improve the quality of his seminal fluid.
  3. For men who are engaged in active sports, herringbone porridge is useful because it helps to replenish the spent energy.
  4. Oat flakes contain amino acids that affect the formation of protein in muscle tissue.

When pregnant

During pregnancy, a woman needs to pay special attention to her health. Not everyone knows that oatmeal contains a considerable amount of iron and folic acid. These two components are necessary for the health of the future baby.

Porridge when pregnant

  1. Folic acid promotes healthy bone formation in children and prevents brain defects. Just one serving of oatmeal helps replenish the daily allowance of this important component.
  2. One serving of oatmeal provides one-fifth of the daily iron allowance. Deficiency of this element may contribute to anemia and is manifested in the form of irritability, fatigue and tearfulness of the expectant mother. For the best iron absorption from oatmeal, doctors recommend to eat porridge with fruits and natural juice at the same time.
  3. Fibre contained in oat flakes helps to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, so the daily use of oatmeal is an excellent prevention of constipation.
  4. Due to the presence of vitamin B6 in oatmeal, it significantly improves the condition of the pregnant woman with toxemia.
  5. Oatmeal decoction helps get rid of edema, which is a frequent problem for pregnant women.

When breastfeeding

  1. The use of herkules during lactation will not harm the figure of a young mother, this is facilitated by the complex carbohydrates included in the nutritious breakfast.
  2. If a breastfeeding mother suffers from diabetes, then hercules porridge will help her to normalize the necessary sugar levels.
  3. Oatmeal helps to saturate a nursing woman's body with calcium and helps avoid problems with teeth, bone tissues, nails and hair.
  4. During breastfeeding, it is important for a woman to take care of her health, so the vitamins and antioxidants that herbs contain are simply necessary for the female body to strengthen the immune system.
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For kids

  1. Pediatricians recommend that you start feeding your baby herkules porridge after six months of age, since the gluten it contains can cause allergies.
  2. Hercules porridge reduces the risk of bronchial asthma in children.
  3. Consumption of oatmeal by a child stimulates his mental activity.
  4. Oatmeal satiates children's body which is in constant motion with the necessary amount of energy and also promotes normal development of bone tissues.
  5. The product has a restorative effect and promotes the formation of muscle mass.

Is it possible to lose weight on herkules porridge

Dietitians first of all recommend introducing herkules into the diet not for the purpose of losing weight, but as a dish that promotes the normalization of the digestive system. Nevertheless, with an active lifestyle, oat flakes can really maintain physical tone and will not cause extra pounds. The benefit of oatmeal for weight loss lies in the coarse fiber it contains, for the digestion of which the body has to expend extra effort. However, you should refuse to add sugar, milk and butter to porridge, as these ingredients significantly increase the caloric value of the finished dish. Fresh fruit, nuts, yogurt or kefir can make the porridge tasty.

Good nutritionists advise not to boil porridge, but to boil it, but this method is suitable only for cereals. To cook steamed cereal, you must first choose it correctly. It is better to avoid quick-cooking cereals, as a dish made of them will contain a small amount of useful substances, especially fiber, which helps to reduce the feeling of hunger. It is worth opting for long-cooked herkules. The method of cooking dietary hercules can be divided into slow and fast.

  1. The slow method of steaming oatmeal is more suitable for breakfast. For this purpose, you need to pour the flakes with boiling water in the proportion of one to one and leave them overnight. During breakfast, the resulting porridge is enough to warm up in the microwave, after which the nutritious product is ready for consumption.
  2. For the quick method of steaming, it is enough to pour the hercules with boiling water for 10 minutes. If you want to prepare a more liquid porridge, increase the amount of water, if necessary, you can add a little milk diluted with water.

As hercules porridge is quite a caloric product, it is recommended to use no more than 50 g of dry cereals to prepare one dish.

The benefits of cereal porridge in the morning

Many people prefer to start their day in the morning with herkules porridge. Not without reason, the cereal is named after the Greek hero with unprecedented strength. Due to the large amount of carbohydrates in the composition of herkules eaten in the morning for breakfast, really sets the energy message, which is enough for at least the first half of the day. This can be explained by the presence of coarse fiber in the flakes, which the body takes a lot of effort to digest.

Can I eat at night?

Contrary to many opinions, Hercules porridge can be eaten at night without harming the figure, but the following recommendations should be observed:

  • The porridge should be cooked on water;
  • It is better to eat it 3-4 hours before going to bed;
  • In order not to harm the figure, it is better not to add dried fruits and sugar to the hercules.

Can we eat Hercules porridge every day?

Experts in the field of dietetics recommend not to give up regular consumption of hercules. An important sign in this matter is the choice of cereal. It is better to give preference to the flakes of the longest cooking, they contain in their composition a greater number of useful substances: vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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Oatmeal in medicine

Herkulessa porridge is prescribed in the postoperative period, in diseases of the digestive system, diseases of the joints. Also the use of dishes made of oat flakes is an excellent remedy for the prevention and treatment of constipation.

Cornmeal in medicine

For Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which the proper metabolism is disturbed and there is an increase in blood glucose. The composition of herkules porridge includes an important component - inulin, which is a natural insulin. Thus, the inclusion of oat flakes in the diet will help to regulate blood glucose levels.

Hercules contains many lipotropic substances and fiber, which normalize blood cholesterol levels and improve liver function.

In the calm course of the disease it is necessary to consume dishes made of oats, they are also indicated for patients due to the fact that they have a low glycemic index. The portion of herkules porridge should not be more than 200-250 g.

Nowadays, there are many recipes for diabetics, from oat groats you can prepare both a delicious breakfast and a healthy soup or side dish. Cereals are ground into flour and added to pancakes and other baked goods.

Important: The glycemic index of herkules porridge on water is 40 units, on milk 60.

In pancreatitis

The disease is characterized by inflammation of the pancreas. Pancreatitis is treated with medication, but it is important to observe the diet and exclude unhealthy products. Otherwise, the drugs will not have the proper effect.

Food for pancreatitis should be gentle, not irritating the esophagus and stomach and not putting extra strain on the pancreas. Porridge should be eaten with caution, but you should not give it up completely. In order not to harm the gland damaged by the disease, you need to follow the following rules when introducing herring into the diet:

  1. During the aggravation of the disease, it is worth refusing to eat cereal crops.
  2. Before cooking, it is recommended to grind oat flakes (with a coffee grinder or blender) - this will simplify the process of digestion and reduce the load on the pancreas.
  3. It is better to exclude dishes made of whole oat grains completely.

Properly cooked oatmeal is useful for pancreatitis patients for the following reasons:

  1. Helps reduce blood cholesterol.
  2. Increases mood due to the serotonin content in its composition.
  3. Due to its mucilaginous consistency it has the ability to envelop the mucous membranes, protecting them from further irritation.

Oats contain enzymes that have a similar composition to pancreatic enzymes, therefore, eating oatmeal facilitates the digestive process.

During the acute stage of the disease, it is recommended to give up eating cereals, but you can prepare liquid oatmeal with water without sugar or salt. To diversify the menu will help to prepare kissel from herkules.


Gastritis is a disease associated with damage to the walls of the stomach. For the effectiveness of treatment, it is important to comply with all the doctor's prescriptions related not only to the regular use of medication, but also to the diet regime. You need to eat small portions, preferably dairy products, porridges and dietary meat. Oatmeal must be present in the diet of a patient with gastritis for the following reasons:

  1. It improves the digestive process.
  2. It is the prevention of constipation.
  3. It removes toxins and impurities from the body.
  4. Able to envelop the walls of the stomach thanks to its mucous consistency, thereby protecting them from irritation.

When preparing herkules porridge for gastritis, it is important to follow a number of basic recommendations:

  1. It is better to choose long-cooked flakes, they contain a greater number of useful substances.
  2. It is recommended to cook porridge on water, cooked in this way the dish does not increase the acidity of the stomach, in the period of remission it is acceptable to add milk or butter.
  3. It is necessary to give preference to liquid porridge, its mucous consistency envelopes the walls of the stomach, protecting them from further damage.
  4. Consume the cooked dish should be warm.

For the intestines

The mucus secreted during the boiling of the porridge envelops the intestinal walls. This eliminates inflammation, reduces gas formation and increases the absorption of necessary substances.

To cleanse the intestines from harmful substances, you can prepare the so-called oatmeal scrub at home. To do this, you will need the following ingredients:

  • oat flakes - 50 g;
  • drinking water - 50 ml;
  • milk - 20 ml;
  • honey - 5 gr;
  • walnuts - 10 gr.

Method of preparation:

  1. Pour the cereal overnight with water and send it to the refrigerator.
  2. In the morning, add milk, honey and peeled walnuts to the swollen flakes.

A colon cleansing scrub is ready to use.

Instead of walnuts, you can add almonds, cashews, peanuts or raisins. After breakfast, it is recommended to wait 2-3 hours before the next meal, this time is necessary for the scrub to have its cleansing effect.

For constipation

The causes of constipation can be very diverse, depending on which they are eliminated with the help of medicines or do without them at all. Constipation has a negative effect on the body as a whole. Stools that are not able to leave the intestines in time begin to release toxins that have a negative effect. This affliction can lead to a decline in mood, irritability, abdominal pain, and bloating.

Hercules porridge is able to eliminate constipation due to the coarse fiber contained in the flakes. They have the ability to swell when entering the stomach, releasing mucus, which normalizes the digestive process and prevents the development of intestinal abnormalities.

In gout

Gout develops due to a disorder in the metabolism of natural substances (purines) in the body, which leads to an accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints. The main task of treatment is to reduce the amount of urea compounds.

A patient is allowed to consume no more than 200 mg of purine compounds per day. According to the content of natural bases in its composition, oatmeal takes an intermediate place between harmful and useful products, so experts recommend excluding it from the patient's diet during an acute attack. During a lull, limited consumption of cereal is allowed. Nevertheless, the benefits of using the product exceed the harm caused.

Harms and contraindications

When using oatmeal, it is important to observe moderation, it is not necessary to increase the portion, the recommended norm should not exceed 50 g of flakes (in dry form) per day. Failure to follow this recommendation can be harmful to the body.

  1. The composition of cereal contains phytin, which contributes to the leaching of calcium.
  2. You should not consume flakes that do not require boiling, they contain few useful substances, but may have added coloring and flavor and odor enhancers.
  3. Adding a lot of butter, high-fat milk, sugar, and salt to porridge can lead to gaining extra weight.

The use of oat flakes is contraindicated in cases of gluten intolerance, exacerbations of pancreatitis, gastritis, gout, as well as children under six months.

How to cook herkules porridge: recipes

There are a huge number of recipes for cooking porridge from oatmeal flakes. The most popular is porridge cooked with milk and water.

How to cook Porridge

With milk

The taste of milk hercules porridge is familiar to everyone since childhood. This nutritious breakfast is energizing all the way to lunch, gives you an energy boost for a productive start to the day and boosts your mood.

To prepare Hercules porridge with milk, you will need the following ingredients:

  • oat flakes - 200 g;
  • milk - 200 ml
  • water - 400 ml;
  • salt - to taste;
  • sugar - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  1. If for the preparation of porridge were chosen large long-cooked cereals, they must be carefully sorted out, removing excess husks, and rinsed. Flakes of small size do not need to be pre-washed and sorted, they are already ready for the cooking process.
  2. Pour water into a pot and bring to a boil.
  3. In the boiling water add the prepared oat flakes, sugar and salt.
  4. Cook the oatmeal porridge on low heat until it is ready, stirring at the same time. For large flakes boiling time can be up to 40 minutes, for small ones 5 minutes is enough.
  5. A few minutes before it is ready, add milk, bring the porridge to a boil and turn off the stove. Lovers of liquid porridge can begin a meal, those who prefer a thicker consistency of the finished dish, it is worth waiting a few minutes. Thanks to the starch contained, the thickening process will come quite quickly.

For decoration, you can add fresh fruit, nuts, raisins, apricots, prunes, honey to the dish.

With water

Unlike porridge cooked with milk, which is preferably used for breakfast, hercules on water can be afforded for lunch and dinner. Such porridge is suitable not only as a main dish, but can also become a useful side dish.

Before you start boiling, you need to determine the desired consistency of the future dish. To prepare liquid porridge, you need to use cereal and water in the ratio of 1:3, respectively, for medium - 1:2, for thick - 1:1. The current recipe will describe how to make medium viscous Hercules porridge.

The necessary ingredients:

  • Hercules flakes - 200 g;
  • water - 400 ml;
  • salt - to taste;
  • sugar - to taste;
  • Butter - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  1. Hercules, if necessary, to sort out the husks and rinse. This procedure is necessary if you use large flakes of oats for cooking. Small flakes do not require additional manipulation, they are already ready to begin the cooking process.
  2. Add the flakes to the boiling water and cook over low heat until tender. To cook long-cooked flakes, you may need up to 40 minutes (depending on the size of the herkules), a few minutes is enough for small ones.
  3. When the porridge has the necessary consistency, it should be removed from the stove, cover with the lid and leave to infuse for a few minutes.

Hercules porridge cooked in this way is a lean product.

For a variety of flavors in the porridge added to taste salt, sugar, butter, as well as fresh fruit and dried fruits.

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In a multicooker

Having a multicooker in the kitchen can significantly save personal time, because cooking with the help of this device does not require the presence of a cook. It is enough to enter the necessary ingredients, set the desired time and quietly wait for the completion of the cooking process, while minding your own business or just relaxing.

To cook Hercules porridge in the multicooker you will need the following ingredients:

  • milk - 750 ml;
  • oat flakes - 150 grams;
  • butter - to taste;
  • salt - to taste;
  • sugar - to taste.

Method of preparation:

  1. At the bottom of the bowl of a multicooker pour oat flakes and pour them with milk.
  2. Add salt, sugar and butter.
  3. Close the lid of the multicooker. Set the mode "Milk porridge".
  4. Use the menu to select "Time" and set the timer for 15 minutes.
  5. Start the program.

Fresh fruits, dried fruits and nuts will help to diversify the taste of the ready dish.

Why is the porridge bitter?

Sometimes after cooking porridge, the finished dish has a bitter taste. Such an unpleasant taste may have its own reasons.

  1. The porridge was cooked from stale product with an expired shelf life.
  2. The conditions of storage and tightness of packaging were violated.
  3. The taste of bitterness can appear after cooking a fresh product for too long.
  4. Unpleasant taste can be caused by the use of stale ingredients, for example, spoiled butter.
  5. Bitter flavor can be caused by oxidation processes - this is possible if the porridge is left at room temperature for a long time.

It is important to understand that spoiled porridge is better not to eat, such a dish can cause upset stomach or poisoning, so you should not risk your health.

If all the ingredients used to prepare the dish are fresh, then you can try to correct the taste peculiarity. To do this, something sweet or salt is added to the porridge. Adding a cube of meat or vegetable broth will help to correct the situation.

To avoid the appearance of bitterness, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. When buying oatmeal flakes, do not forget to check their expiration date.
  2. It is desirable to consume porridge immediately after cooking it, preventing the beginning of oxidative processes.
  3. Follow the recommendations for cooking, overcooked food can have an unpleasant taste of bitterness.
  4. Do not use ingredients of poor quality.
  5. The product with an expired shelf life must be disposed of.

Can I Give Herkules Porridge to Animals

There is no doubt that herringbone porridge is incredibly beneficial for humans, but can oatmeal be introduced into a pet's diet? Veterinarians believe that the consumption of such a product will only benefit pets. Such a conclusion can be made based on the useful properties of oat flakes.

Can we give animals herring gruel

Hercules is a dietary product capable of enveloping the walls of the stomach with mucus and preventing the negative effects of gastric juice on them. Therefore, oatmeal is suitable for animals suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as puppies and kittens.

An equally important advantage of flakes is their availability, nowadays, specialized pet food has a high cost. However, we should not forget that cereals in the diet of the animal should account for about 30% of all food consumed.

In addition to the benefits for the animal, oat flakes can cause negative effects. Plant protein, which is contained in the composition of herkules, can cause allergies or upset stomach. In the case of allergies, it is recommended to completely exclude the cereal from the diet of the animal, in case of stomach upset, it is allowed to mix oatmeal with other cereals, for example, with buckwheat.

Many people believe that because of the use of cereals, animals suffer from indigestion, since cereals take a long time to digest. But in fact, cereals should definitely be part of an animal's diet, as they are a source of fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Animals that are overweight should limit their intake of herkules gruel.

The best food for pets is considered to be steamed cereal. Cooking them this way preserves valuable vitamins and mineral compounds.

When you first feed your pet a meal of oatmeal, it is important to rule out a gluten allergy. To do this, treat the pet with a small amount of the product and within a day monitor the reaction. If no changes are observed after the required time, then you can safely increase the portion.

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Interesting facts about oatmeal

  1. Oat groats have a beneficial effect on the nervous system due to the presence of serotonin in its composition, which helps to reduce feelings of anxiety, irritability and sadness.
  2. Oatmeal is indicated for people living in a polluted environment because of its ability to cleanse the body of toxins and harmful compounds of heavy metals.
  3. Due to the presence of methionine and magnesium in its composition, daily consumption of oatmeal ensures normal functioning of the brain and the central nervous system.
  4. The fiber contained in this cereal promotes the development and growth of muscle mass.
  5. The mucus secreted during the digestion of oatmeal has the ability to envelop the walls of the stomach, reducing the irritating effects of gastric juice on them. This mucus also coats the intestinal walls and helps to reduce inflammation.
  6. The B vitamins found in oatmeal are a good preventative for skin and hair problems.
  7. Tibetan monks, notable for their good health, soaked oat grains for a while, then added pumpkin seeds, banana and pine nuts to them.
  8. Hippocrates himself in his writings advised to brew tea from oats.
  9. In ancient Russia, oat grain was milled and the resulting toloknuts were used to make bread and porridge.
  10. The substances contained in oatmeal can inhibit cancerous growths in the large intestine.
  11. The antioxidants in oatmeal, along with anti-inflammatory components, have a beneficial effect on the skin.
  12. The glucans in it have a restorative effect, while having a beneficial effect on the immune system.
  13. In England every year there are oatmeal cooking competitions. The dish is judged by a strict jury on such criteria as appearance, taste, and method of preparation. The winner receives a spoon made of gold for mixing the porridge.
  14. The name of the crockery manufacturer Tony Stoats has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. This man made the largest pot of oatmeal in the entire world.

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