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Rice porridge: composition, useful properties, recipes for cooking

Switching to a proper and healthy diet, because of the desire to improve the quality of their lives or to follow doctor's advice, most people think that the diet will turn into an absolute torture. But, contrary to stereotypical thinking, proper nutrition has long ceased to be a punishment for a person who needs to exhaust his body. Vegetables, porridges, sufficient amounts of necessary vitamins - all this will make you feel healthy and full of energy literally every day. By selecting the set of foods that will suit the body's taste, each person can not only lose weight, but also build a completely healthy relationship with food. Since in today's world it has become quite a serious problem and a topic for millions of discussions.

Composition and calories

Rice porridge is one of those products that will help to keep the body in a healthy tone, saturating it with necessary elements.

The caloric value of rice porridge is 366 kcal, which is quite a lot for a cereal. But, as we know, rice contains a lot of useful micronutrients, such as: zinc, iron, boron, selenium and many others, which will help the body to build a completely healthy diet.

Among the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in rice porridge are dominated by the latter. But rice carbs should not be confused with those hidden in yet another chocolate bar. Because the carbohydrates hidden in the rice porridge are really useful and will be assimilated by the body solely for the benefit.

What is useful for rice porridge

The benefits and harms of rice gruel

For women

It is impossible to deny the positive effects of rice gruel on the female body. This cereal contains a huge number of various useful macro and microelements, which contribute to the good work of the whole body. Rice porridge helps to positively influence the bone systems, the metabolic processes of the body and even help to improve the blood pressure.

Thanks to rice porridge, a woman can at least look healthy and well-groomed. As you know, health is the key to beauty! Strong nails, a slender trim figure, healthy hair and skin - all this will help to recreate the consumption of rice porridge.

The only problem could be its excessive caloric content. But with periodic consumption of groats, the positive result will be noticeable very soon.

For Men

Exactly the same benefit of rice porridge is for the representatives of the stronger sex.

Like any healthy cereal, it will strengthen the entire body, tighten the figure and look healthy.

Rice porridge will have a slight rejuvenating effect on the skin and organs, it will remove excess salt from the body.

This dish will help to cleanse the body from excess toxins, which will certainly have a quick effect on the human body as well.

In this way, the man will be able to build his diet, supporting it with sports and with enough water. And rice in the diet will become not only a pleasant lunch or dinner, but also a true cure for the whole body.

For kids

Rice porridge, along with buckwheat, makes up the first menu of any baby. These cereals contain all the necessary micro- and macronutrients, which can have a beneficial effect on the body, which is in formation mode. Rice porridge will not only give your baby energy, but it will satiate him for quite a long time.

In addition, this product does not contain gluten, to which many babies are allergic. Choosing between hundreds of options, parents of babies are increasingly turning to rice porridge. After all, it helps to improve digestion, contains enough calcium for strong bones and is perfectly digestible. In addition, rice porridge can safely be called one of the tastiest cereals, which will definitely have to taste any, even the most fastidious baby.

When pregnant

Rice porridge will be useful for pregnant women. Since during pregnancy the amount of medications should be kept to a minimum, rice porridge will be an excellent temporary absorbent. The dish will perfectly cleanse the intestines and allow the body to adjust the metabolism without damaging it.

During pregnancy, many women worry about rapidly gaining pounds. Rice porridge is one of those dishes that will satiate a person for a long time, giving him the minimum number of calories. Thus, the young mother will be full and will not gain extra pounds, which are not necessary for the body. Delicious rice porridge will definitely raise mommy's mood, which will have a positive effect on the baby.

When breastfeeding

Rice porridge is an integral part of the menu when breastfeeding. At this point, the baby and his mother are maximally dependent on each other and weak in front of the world around them. A woman should pay maximum attention to her diet, trying to make it balanced and nutritious. After all, it is necessary to support their own body and make baby's milk a real vitamin mixture. That's why rice porridge during breastfeeding is the product number one, which will allow mother's milk to be filled with all the useful elements without taking them away from your own body.

Thus, by consuming rice porridge in the required doses, a woman will show care for herself and her baby with a minimum of effort and a pleasant meal.

For the elderly

Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable categories that need to maintain body functions. For the elderly, rice gruel is a real salvation. Consumption of rice groats has a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis, the quality of which deteriorates over the years. Rice is quickly digested without presenting the person with extra pounds, which would be problematic to eliminate in old age. In addition, rice porridge is capable of gently enveloping the walls of the stomach, which will be a real salvation for the elderly with gastritis among the diseases. Rice will allow to create a balanced and healthy menu for the elderly, without spending extra energy and thousands of rubles.

Which porridge is healthier: with milk or water

It is a common misconception that rice porridge should be cooked with milk. In fact, it is best to add milk to already cooked cereal. Because during the boiling process store milk can lose the last useful elements and even become dangerous for intestinal function.

Boiled in milk rice porridge will undoubtedly have a more pronounced milky taste. But it will be completely unsuitable for people with a sensitive intestine, and will not have any useful properties. In the case of combining the two products after cooking them, we get delicious rice porridge, flavored with milk. Such a dish is sure to be tasty for people of all ages and will have the most beneficial effect on the body. If necessary, a little sugar can be added to the rice porridge with milk.

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Is it possible to eat rice porridge while losing weight

Despite the fact that the standard white rice has a very high caloric value, it is recommended to use it for weight loss. The fact is that this cereal has all the necessary elements and components for the body, which are so often lacking during the process of losing weight. Rice grits will not undermine the work of the body in the desire to lose weight, saturate it in time and strengthen all systems. In addition, rice removes toxins from the body, which will allow for an even better cleanse, making the weight loss process correct and less traumatic.

As a rule, losing weight is associated in most people with torment. Rice porridge, even cooked with water, will help to avoid such associations and deprive yourself of a constant feeling of hunger.

Rice porridge in medicine

Rice porridge in medicine

For Diabetes Mellitus

Rice in the diet of a diabetic is an indispensable thing. In addition to being full of nutrients that a person with diabetes can get from the fewest foods available, rice helps people with diabetes to replenish carbohydrates. The combinations of complex carbohydrates found in rice cereal help the patient lower blood sugar levels, which is necessary for this disease.

The vitamins in rice grits have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, restoring and supporting it. This is a necessity for diabetics who are constantly taking medication. In addition, rice grits will allow just one meal to saturate the body, which is extremely important in a disease of this nature.

Important: the glycemic index of rice porridge with milk is 70 units.

In pancreatitis

In case a person is ill with pancreatitis, in its acute or chronic phase, rice will also be an excellent element of a healthy menu. But it is necessary to take into account that you should not overdo it on rice groats - a diet with pancreatitis should be varied. Rice will not only allow you to remove excess toxins from the body, but also help to restore the process of digestion. Cereal should be made as much as possible boiled, because when suffering from pancreatitis, a person is obliged to sit on a mashed diet for some time. At the same time, rice should be included in the mandatory diet, because it will allow the sick body to replenish all the lack of elements and vitamins.

With gastritis

During an exacerbation of gastritis, a person experiences extremely unpleasant, painful sensations. Rice porridge is one of the few dishes that will reduce pain and feelings of hunger. The reason is that rice porridge acts to envelop the walls of the stomach, which are maximally irritated during gastritis. Thus, the body does not suffer unnecessary losses and will get the necessary portion of energy to fight the disease.

It is worth mentioning that exacerbation of gastritis requires a strict diet. And therefore, even with great benefits, a portion of rice porridge should be miserably small, necessary to maintain the body. In addition, rice porridge should be clean - without milk, oil, salt and other additives that could add flavor to it.

For the gut.

Rice porridge is a salvation for many diseases. In addition to all of the above, you can not deny the benefits of this cereal for intestinal function. Thanks to its composition, rice improves intestinal peristalsis at any age. Especially useful will be this property for the elderly, pregnant women and young children, whose body has not yet earned its full power.

In addition, rice porridge will help to clean the intestines, removing from the body all the harmful toxins. Thus, cereal will help the intestines to start working like clockwork, which will undoubtedly quickly affect the overall health of the person and even his appearance, strengthening the nails, hair, giving a healthy color to the skin.

For constipation

Rice porridge has an excellent effect on the intestines and helps their work, cleansing the body and removing toxins from it. But, in the case of constipation that has already begun, rice is undesirable. It will not have a laxative effect, but will worsen the problem. Rice can provoke stagnation in the body, becoming a problem of several excruciating days. Therefore, during constipation it is worth refraining from eating rice porridge (and also for a few days after solving such an intimate problem).

After returning the body to its normal state, you can add rice gruel to your diet, thereby helping the intestines and preventing the problem of constipation any longer. In the period of constipation it is worth to pay attention to other cereals.

For Diarrhea

In case of digestive disorders, in particular diarrhea, doctors recommend including porridge with water in your diet. Rice porridge occupies a leading position in this list. Therefore, when such an unpleasant problem occurs, it is worth to immediately turn your attention to rice grits.

In addition to the fact that rice will help to restore digestion, it will bring all the necessary vitamins and elements to the body. During diarrhea, a huge amount of necessary elements are washed out of the body, weakening all systems. A portion of rice porridge with water will give the body strength, numb the feeling of hunger and improve the further process of digestion. But if diarrhea has been bothering a person for several days, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately, without self-treatment.

In case of gout

Gout requires the most careful attitude to his body and compliance with a certain diet. Since rice gruel is a powerful antioxidant, for people with gout it is the number one product for frequent consumption. Rice grits can relieve swelling and remove unnecessary salts from the joints, which bring great harm.

In addition, rice gruel will help maintain the whole body in tone, which is incredibly important in gout - a general weakened state. Porridge will give the patient the strength to fight the disease and restore the rickety nervous system, which is experiencing far from its best times in moments of exacerbation.

In colitis

Colitis is accompanied, as a rule, either by constipation or diarrhea. Therefore, depending on what condition has overtaken the body, rice will be a helper or the worst enemy. If a person with colitis suffers from diarrhea, rice porridge will help him to recover, restore digestion and improve the general condition. But in the case where colitis has caused constipation, it is better to give up rice porridge. It can only aggravate the problem, provoking a delay of food in the body for several days.

Knowing about such a disease in himself as colitis, a person should follow a certain diet, so as not to reach the stage of exacerbation. The diet for colitis includes rice grits to improve digestion.

In hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - the disease in which the consumption of rice gruel will not be the main point of treatment. But undoubtedly, rice gruel is on the list of dietary products prescribed for people with hemorrhoids. This cereal has an astringent effect and will help reduce irritation in the intestines.

With regular consumption of rice gruel, you can get rid of diarrhea, which appears due to hemorrhoids. In addition, rice porridge will help to restore the digestive functions of the body, to achieve its normal operation, which later will certainly affect the treatment of hemorrhoids. Working in combination and using all the doctor's advice, including the dietitian, you can achieve positive dynamics.


With such a disease as cholecystitis, especially in moments of its exacerbation, a person must adhere to a strict diet. Rice porridge is included in this diet, but in a grinded state and in small portions. Porridge will allow the body to get the necessary elements and vitamins, restore the digestive system and begin to fight the disease. But it is important to remember that during an exacerbation of cholecystitis, the body needs a rest from eating. Therefore, portions should be minimal, just to maintain strength.

A large intake of rice porridge, for all its benefits and vitamin content, would only worsen the problem faced by the person. In the case of remission, it is necessary to stick to the diet, including rice gruel several times a week.

In case of poisoning

In the case of poisoning, rice is one of the few cereals that will help the body to recover. Rice porridge has the necessary elements to help improve digestion and restore digestion. In addition, even a small portion of rice porridge will satiate the body for a long period without overloading it at the same time. It is worth understanding that after poisoning the body is maximally weakened, and therefore, the preparation of rice undergoes some changes. It is worth to give up salt, any spices, any oil and any meat to the rice.

Cereal cooked with water is exactly what the affected digestive system needs at this difficult time. After a few days of the diet, the body will recover from the poisoning and become much easier.

Harm and contraindications

Despite the great benefits that rice is known for, there are still some contraindications that you should consider before you put it on your plate. For example, rice should not be consumed by people prone to constipation. Since this cereal will aggravate the problem, making it much more dangerous for a person's life. Also, people prone to obesity should not often use rice porridge. Rice is quite caloric and can contribute to the rapid weight gain.

In order that rice exactly does not cause any harm to your body and acts only for its benefit, it is enough to consume porridge 2-3 times a week. In this case, rice will become a treat and not an enemy.

How much rice porridge can be eaten per day

Since rice is quite caloric and has an impact on the human digestive system, one serving a day will suffice. If you increase the portion, you can earn digestive problems, constipation and other troubles. Rice porridge is not recommended for daily consumption in large quantities - in this case it is more likely to bring harm than expected benefits. In addition, the constant consumption of one product, including rice gruel, will lead to an aversion to it. So it's worth including rice in your diet from time to time, making your diet varied. This will allow the body to take food with joy.

What rice to choose for porridge

Choosing rice in the store, people, as a rule, rarely pay attention to the written information. Grabbing the first one they see, they go home, perplexed afterwards, why the porridge didn't turn out the way their mother did. The reason is that there are many kinds of rice, and there are even more dishes made of it. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine the contents of the shelves in the store to choose the right kind of rice.

Wanting to cook ordinary rice porridge, you can opt for the Krasnodar rice, which has proved itself. Rice in a package should be the same shape and color, crumbly, a pleasant white shade or transparent. In case rice has a different shape, you should not buy it - most likely, they are different types of rice, which are definitely not suitable for cooking.

How to cook rice porridge: recipes

How to cook rice porridge

With water

Rice porridge on water is cooked extremely simple. It is necessary to take water at the rate of 2:1, put on the fire, bring to a boil. Before you send the rice into the water, it must be well washed. Cereal we send to the boiling water, if desired, salt. On a low heat rice continues to boil for 20-25 minutes (depending on its variety). After the pot with groats is set aside, and the rice is washed again. After you can add to the cooked porridge a small piece of butter, if desired.

The porridge should turn out a pleasant white color and crumbly structure. Rice porridge with water is an excellent dish for almost any dietary table.

With milk

In case if porridge on water seems too simple an option, you can cook rice on milk. For this purpose, it is initially boiled in water.

At a ratio of 2:1, water is brought to a boil, then loaded with washed rice and cooked there for 20-25 minutes. Once the water has boiled away, and the rice is ready, we proceed to the second stage. It is necessary to pour milk into a saucepan and bring it to a warm condition. Then load there already cooked rice and cook for 15 minutes. The milk will soak the groats, giving them a pleasant soft taste. Next, if desired, you can add butter, sugar or jam to the cooked porridge. Cereal will turn out incredibly delicious and healthy for a person of any age.

With pumpkin

Grate the pumpkin, pour two cups of water and boil for 15 minutes. After that, in the same pot send washed rice. After the rice begins to steam, pour the milk into the same pot. Leave the mixture to simmer under a lid for 15 minutes. A few minutes before the rice porridge is ready, you can add sugar and butter, if desired. Such a dish is sure to be tasty not only for kids, but also for adults.

Rice porridge with milk and pumpkin is a nutritious and healthy dish that will bring the body not only a sense of satisfying hunger, but also satiety with many useful elements. Porridge can be a wonderful breakfast 2-3 times a week. You should not abuse this delicious dish, as it can lead to problems in the digestive system.

With raisins

Rice porridge with raisins is a minimalist dish for those who find themselves on a diet, but dream of a delicious breakfast. First, you need to prepare the grits. Pour the rice in a ratio of 2:1 with water and send it to the fire. After boiling it boils for about 20-25 minutes. About a couple of minutes before it is ready, you can pour a handful of raisins into the rice so that the dried fruits are sufficiently steamed and become juicy.

If desired, you can add butter or sugar to the cooked rice porridge. But the previously added raisins are quite capable of replacing sugar, as they become a sweet addition to the crumbly and healthy rice porridge. Such a dish will definitely have a taste for all the household.

With apples

Rice porridge with apples is prepared as simply as possible. To begin with, you actually need to boil the rice porridge. In a 2:1 ratio, cold water is poured into the pot and washed rice grits are placed. The porridge should be boiled until boiling. Once the rice boils, remove the foam and cook for about 20-25 minutes, depending on its variety (you can specify on the packaging of cereals). After the rice is cooked, drain the remaining water and rinse the grits.

Take a few apples and grate them, mixed with cinnamon and sugar if desired. The resulting mixture is added to the cooked rice porridge and stir. Such porridge will not leave indifferent any sweet tooth!

With meat

Rice porridge with meat is one of the most nourishing and most delicious dishes. First, you need to take the meat, cut it into small pieces and send it to fry in a pan. When the meat begins to form a nice golden crust, add chopped carrots, onions and spices. If you want, you can add other vegetables that the family likes. After a little bit of simmering vegetables and meat, we pour rice into the pan and pour it all with water, in the ratio of rice 2:1. Cover with a lid and leave for 15 minutes.

If you prefer, you can add a sauce of your choice to the rice with the meat. Such a meal is the most nourishing and incredibly delicious. But, it is worth stopping at one serving, so as not to provoke problems with the digestive system.

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In the oven

In order to cook rice porridge in the oven, you must first rinse it under water. Having washed enough rice, we transfer the groats to any dish suitable for cooking in the oven. After to taste, you need to add sugar or salt, depending on what kind of dish should turn out. At this stage you can also add spices, if the rice is supposed to be a side dish to the meat.

In case the rice porridge will be dairy, pour the groats entirely with milk, not water, and send it to the cold oven. The oven should stand at 120 degrees for the first 15 minutes, then gain up to 180 degrees. Cook rice porridge in the oven with milk should be until a nice appetizing crust appears.

In the multicooker

Multicooker greatly facilitates the moment of cooking any dish. Rice porridge with milk is no exception. First, rice must be washed and placed in a bowl of the multicooker. Then pour in the same milk, add salt and sugar to taste, if desired, put the fruit. Among the modes of the multicooker it is necessary to choose "Milk porridge" and set it for exactly one hour. Close the lid and forget about the need to do anything, because the multicooker will do everything by itself.

After the signal we spread the already cooked dish and enjoy its amazing taste. Such porridge is cooked as quickly as possible and does not require extra free time and nerves.

In the microwave

Rice porridge in the microwave is as delicious as on a conventional stove. But it is much easier and faster to prepare. To begin with, the rice needs to be washed, poured into a microwave dish and poured with water 1:2. Then we send the rice in the microwave for about 22 minutes. During this time, the rice should be stirred from time to time, preventing it from sticking. Then take out the cooked rice porridge and add butter and salt.

If desired, you can add chopped fruit or honey to the rice. The porridge in the microwave is light and fluffy. The crumbly texture will allow you to enjoy a wonderful taste, and the quick cooking will leave only the most pleasant memories.

In a pressure cooker

First, the rice must be thoroughly rinsed, achieving clear water. After grease the bowl of pressure cooker with oil and put there groats. Pour the future porridge with milk and water. Depending on the ratio, the rice porridge will have a more or less rich milky flavor. Add sugar and salt to taste. Close the lid of pressure cooker, set the mode Porridge.

Cooking time of rice porridge in pressure cooker is about 10 minutes. After the signal rice porridge should be allowed to stand - about 5-7 minutes will be enough. After opening the lid of the pressure cooker, spread the porridge and enjoy its amazing taste and health benefits. If desired, you can add a piece of butter to the already cooked porridge.

Can I Give Rice Porridge to Dogs

Every owner worries about his pet and tries to make his food as varied as possible. Veterinarians say that rice gruel, along with many other cereals, can and should be given to dogs. But, observing certain rules. For example, rice should be cooked either with water or milk. The porridge should always be semi-liquid and only at a warm temperature - in no case hot.

In the event that after the use of rice porridge in the dog constipation has been noticed, the cereal should be replaced by another.

Rice contains a huge number of nutrients and vitamins, including those that are suitable for the dog's body. But it is worth bearing in mind that you can start to feed your dog rice porridge from about 1-2 months of age, in no case earlier. Before that, the puppy's body is not capable of digesting either rice or any other cereals, and complications in the digestive system may arise. A dog, like a human, needs a varied and healthy diet, which must be taken seriously.

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