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Birch sap: useful properties and contraindications

Birch drink is a transparent liquid that begins to be isolated from the trunk of the tree when the bark is cut. In the place of such an incision, a tube is usually inserted, along which the healing drink flows into a prepared dish. After the sap collection is completed, the area of the incision is covered with wax, so that the plant does not dry out. Starts to accumulate sap in early spring, as soon as the buds blossom, and the collection of liquid lasts a month and a half, starting in early April.

This product tastes like spring water, but at the same time has a sweet, woody flavor due to the presence of small amounts of natural sugars.

Composition and calories

The benefit of such a drink lies in its unique composition.

The benefits and harms of birch sap

  1. Organic acids are necessary for the normal acid-alkaline balance in the body. They ensure the assimilation of nutrients, while removing toxins and toxins.
  2. Phytoncides are designed to disinfect dangerous viruses and bacteria that can cause respiratory diseases.
  3. Fructose in natural juice is a source of energy, glucose takes part in metabolic processes and also stimulates cardiac activity.
  4. Essential oils found in the birch beverage have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and the psycho-emotional state of the person. In addition, these substances have a bactericidal effect. They can be harmful to the body during lactation, as well as when you are prone to allergies.
  5. Saponins are elements which influence the body's absorption of various compounds and have a positive effect on hormones. Scientists believe that saponins can act as cancer prevention.
  6. The birch product contains tannins, which help reduce the excretory function of the gastrointestinal tract. Regular consumption of such liquid leads to slower intestinal peristalsis and better absorption of various nutrients.

In addition, the composition of birch juice includes a variety of minerals. For example:

  1. Potassium is responsible for the work of the muscles, the cardiovascular system. Constant use of such a remedy is the prevention of a chronic stress condition.
  2. Calcium ensures the functioning of the thyroid, pancreas, pituitary gland.
  3. Sodium regulates the nervous system as well as the musculoskeletal system. In addition, this substance is characterized by vasodilator properties.
  4. Copper has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The benefit of this substance is that it ensures the proper functioning of the digestive tract, as well as the endocrine glands.
  5. Iron is considered a multifunctional compound. It retains oxygen in the blood, promotes the excretion of carbon dioxide, and cleanses the liver of harmful substances.

Aluminum, silicon, manganese, titanium and others are also found in the product.

The caloric value of the juice varies depending on the tree itself. So, it can range from 9 to 21 kcal per 100 ml of liquid. This allows the drink to be used in dietary diets.

What is the usefulness of birch juice

What is the usefulness of birch sap

General benefits

  1. As already mentioned, birch juice contains potassium and magnesium, which are responsible for the correct functioning of the heart and circulatory system. Consequently, the drink is useful for people suffering from heart pathologies, as well as after a stroke or heart attack.
  2. Useful components from the birch are often included in various medicines that inhibit the development of cancer. This is due to the ability of enzymes to prevent the flow of blood to cancer cells, thereby stimulating the process of self-destruction of the neoplasm.
  3. Systematic consumption of juice promotes blood purification, the production of red blood cells. It is useful to drink such a drink for severe intoxication, acute respiratory and chronic infections.
  4. The benefit of the product lies in the content of a number of vitamins from the B-group. They have a beneficial effect on the emotional health of the person. Thus, to eliminate the symptoms of stress and depression, it is enough to drink a little juice before going to bed.
  5. If there is no individual intolerance, you should take such a drink in moderation. This will help strengthen the immune system, increase the body's resistance to various bacteria, infections and viruses. As a result, it will be much easier for a person to endure the season of colds.
  6. Such a plant composition is characterized by a diuretic property. This allows you to use it to combat swelling of the legs. The product promotes the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body, establishing the work of the urinary system. These same qualities of the drink make it possible to use it with urolithiasis.
  7. Birch juice is indicated for people who have pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. During remission of chronic ailments, such a drink is considered a real godsend, because it protects the mucous membranes and enhances the process of digestion.
  8. Saponins prevent the deposition of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, hence, such a liquid is a prevention of atherosclerosis.
  9. Due to the presence in the drink of natural sugars represented by fructose and glucose, which are responsible for mental activity and good mood, the juice is useful to drink those whose work is associated with strain on the brain.
  10. Birch juice will help to get rid of bad breath, acting as a preventive agent for oral diseases. Fresh is useful to drink to strengthen the gums, with stomatitis and tooth decay.
  11. The drink of plant origin has a number of positive properties that are of great benefit to the human body. The product normalizes metabolic processes, which leads to weight loss. The juice also promotes the recovery of hair, dermis and nail plates.

Interestingly, the birch juice can be consumed in large quantities without fear of side effects. This is due to the fact that the drink does not irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach. So, even with ulcers, it is recommended to drink a little of such a useful product.

Birch drink helps to reduce blood pressure by removing excess fluid from the body and eliminating edema. In addition, the normalization of blood pressure is also provided by the fact that this juice increases the level of hemoglobin.

The juice is used in the treatment of angina and pneumonia. Urologists advise to use it as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic as part of the complex treatment of pathologies of the urogenital system.

For women

The use of birch beverage will help women normalize body weight, return health to the hair, nails and skin. Using such juice in the diet will help reduce the strength of menstrual pain. During menopause it is also recommended to drink such liquid. It will help to reduce the frequency of hot flashes, pressure surges, as well as reduce sweating.

For men.

It is impossible to overestimate the benefits of such a product for men's health. This natural remedy promotes the synthesis of testosterone, which is considered to be the main hormone in the male sex. There is a positive effect on increasing libido and the quality of sperm.

Among the benefits of drinking the drink, you can also highlight the improvement of potency and normalization of the psycho-emotional background of the man. The important thing is that such a product is practically harmless. Therefore, before its use in the diet, there is no need for prior consultation with a specialist.

When pregnant

To date, there is no unambiguous answer to the question of whether it is possible to use birch juice in the diet of a pregnant woman. Some people think that such a drink is absolutely contraindicated in the period of carrying the fetus. Official medicine has refuted this false opinion.

The birch product contains many useful compounds. Its systematic use allows expectant mothers to cope with severe toxicosis. To achieve this effect, you should drink a glass of birch juice three times a day.

If a pregnant woman is prone to blood pressure spikes, you can also take advantage of the useful qualities of this product. Such a product is useful for both low and high blood pressure. To normalize these indicators, it is necessary to drink 250 ml of liquid an hour before a meal. The product will help to eliminate edema, for which it is necessary to drink 3-4 glasses of the healing composition throughout the day. Already after a while, the woman will feel improvement.

In addition, another important useful property in this period is that the drink will help to maintain weight at the right level, protecting the body from gaining extra pounds. If you drink juice in the third trimester, it will serve as a stimulant for further lactation after the baby is born.

When breastfeeding

Proper consumption of birch juice during lactation contributes to the production of quality breast milk. In order not to develop individual intolerance, you should start introducing such a remedy in small amounts, for example, with 50 ml per day. After that, you should monitor the reaction of the baby's body and the mother herself.

Such a product is indicated for use after the birth of a child. It will also protect a woman from problems with excess body weight.

It is forbidden to use the product only in case of an allergic reaction to it in the baby, as well as in case of urolithiasis.

During breastfeeding, you should drink only a fresh drink. Canned juice does not retain all the useful substances that are in the fresh product. The most useful is the juice in the first hours after its collection.

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For children

Children are also shown to drink birch juice. The composition of the drink has a restorative effect. The birch liquid will help to protect the child's body from seasonal avitaminosis and common infections.

Young children are more often exposed to various diseases, so in their diet must be present this product. It is recommended to gradually accustom children to the new component, starting with small portions. It is necessary to mix 50 ml of juice in equal quantities with water. Start giving your child birch juice from the age of one and a half, with the beginning of spring.

When losing weight

Nutritionists advise to include birch juice in the diet for weight loss. Vitamins and minerals in the drink have a positive effect on the metabolic processes. As a result of using the product, metabolic processes are accelerated, improving the overall condition of the person sitting on a diet. This product gives vivacity, which is especially necessary when exercising. Slimming is provided by reducing swelling.

In the absence of allergies and diseases of the digestive system it is allowed to drink such a natural medicine in an amount of two liters. The caloric content of the nectar allows you to use it without harming the waistline. Juice from the birch tree can be substituted for tea. Losing weight with the use of such a drink will allow the body to cleanse itself of toxic substances.

The maximum benefit is achieved when consuming a natural and fresh drink. In canned birch nectar the healing properties are less.

Birch juice in medicine

Due to the healing properties of the liquid secreted by the birch, it can be used in the complex treatment of a number of diseases. For example, you can treat pathological conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, disorders of the genitourinary system. Anemia, avitaminosis, hormonal disorders, dry skin are also treated with this composition. Birch sap is used for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, excess weight, heart disease and vascular disease, as well as malignant and benign tumors.

Birch Sap in medicine

For diabetes

The useful qualities of birch nectar allow its use in the diet of diabetics in optimal doses. The medicine of plant origin accelerates the metabolism, provides the patient's body with the necessary vitamin substances and mineral compounds. In order not to do any harm, you should consult with your doctor.


Pancreatitis is a disease that is characterized by inflammation of the pancreas. This disease can occur in acute and chronic forms. Juice from the birch has a positive effect on the work of this organ, allowing the blood to be cleansed of toxins and other harmful substances.

With gastritis

Chronic pathologies of the digestive tract are not a restriction for the use of the birch drink. Juice will not harm with its moderate consumption. When gastritis is detected, the nectar should be drunk 50 ml on an empty stomach. Such a product does not lead to an increase in the level of acidity in the stomach. Also, the birch drink is characterized by its analgesic properties.

With gout

Gout is characterized by the deposition of excess uric acid in various tissues of the body. In the first place, joints are affected by this disease. Most often such a pathology affects men after the age of 35. When treated with the use of birch juice as an aid regulates metabolic processes, in violation of which develops gout.


This product is useful for diseases of the throat. To do this, you need to drink a warm drink three glasses a day. You can use it to gargle as an antiseptic agent.

Nectar from the birch tree is shown in bronchitis and even in inflammation of the lungs. It concentrates vitamins and trace elements, which help to improve the immune system and stimulate a quick recovery.

Specialists advise to take such a remedy at the appearance of the first symptoms of flu and colds. The drink is also useful when the body temperature rises. The use during this period of such a remedy allows you to prevent dehydration of the body, which should not be allowed with a fever.

To ease breathing with a chronic runny nose, you should also use such a natural remedy. In this case, it is recommended to drink 1 cup of liquid. If you mix such juice with milk, you can get rid of a lingering cough.


A decrease in the index of hemoglobin in the blood can provoke the development of various painful conditions. As already mentioned, birch juice contains a complex of necessary useful elements, among which is iron. To cure iron deficiency anemia, which can be life-threatening, you should dilute the natural birch juice with carrot or apple squeeze.

Symptoms of anemia will disappear if you take 50 ml of such a therapeutic composition 10 minutes before a meal. It is necessary to consume the drink for a long time.

With hypertension

The benefit of birch juice with high blood pressure is due to the fact that the product has a diuretic effect. Removal of excess water from the body helps to reduce swelling and lower blood pressure readings. Such a juice improves the general condition of a person. Regular consumption of the drink will get rid of heart pain and migraine.

For the liver

It is scientifically proven that natural birch medicine promotes the synthesis of bile. In addition, the benefit of such a product consists in the removal from the body of toxic compounds and substances that can be dangerous to human health. The product is especially useful in cases where a person works in adverse conditions.

For the kidneys

Natural birch liquid has a beneficial effect on the process of breaking up kidney stones. Systematic use of the drink will help to prevent the appearance of urolithiasis. The remedy should be used for at least three months, three times a day. In the morning, you should drink the juice before meals, which will improve the effect of this method of prevention.

Cosmetic applications

Nectar collected from the birch tree is called the elixir of youth due to its many beneficial qualities. Cosmetologists recommend using such a remedy for the beauty of hair and dermis, as well as for the health of nails.

The application of birch sap in cosmetology

Cosmetic compositions based on birch sap are used for brittle and dull curls, as well as for their loss, the presence of dandruff, dry skin.

  1. To give your hair a healthy and beautiful appearance, birch bark is used as part of most masks and rinses. For example, you can mix the drink with vodka and add to the mixture decoction of burdock root. Such a solution should be rubbed into the roots of the curls. Systematic application of the recipe will give your hair shine, strength and elasticity. Fresh juice is used as a rinse, and it is not necessary to rinse it off.
  2. To restore the water balance of the scalp and eliminate dandruff, you can use a remedy that includes honey. Such a composition should be applied to the scalp.
  3. To prevent hair loss, a mixture of birch juice, brandy and burdock root infusion is suitable. Such a remedy to apply for 25 minutes, then remove with warm water.
  4. To strengthen the hair, you can brew birch leaves, strain the decoction, and add juice to it. Such a composition to rinse the hair 2-3 times a week after washing the head.

For the health of the skin on the face and decollete area you can use a special remedy, which requires only undiluted natural nectar of the birch. It is used to wash or prepare pieces of ice, which later make wipes. The benefit of such a remedy is that birch sap helps to whiten the skin, eliminate freckles and age spots, which appear against the background of hormonal changes in the human body.

  1. An effective remedy is a lotion for which you need to mix a glass of birch bark and six drops of lemon juice, as well as 1 tsp. honey. Keep such a mixture in the refrigerator. It should be wiped twice a day on the face, using a cotton disk.
  2. The birch drink is used to eliminate acne. To do this, you need to apply a remedy obtained from birch nectar, the protein of one egg and honey to the affected areas. As a preventive measure, you can simply treat your face with undiluted juice twice a day.
  3. To smoothen fine lines and cope with the first symptoms of aging, we recommend a cream-mask; to obtain it, you will need to mix 2 tablespoons of natural juice, 50 grams of sprouted wheat and a glass of crushed sea buckthorn.
  4. With a dry type of skin will be useful mask, for the manufacture of which you need to mix in equal amounts of juice and honey. Remember that all masks should be applied to previously cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes and washed off with warm water.
  5. As a rejuvenating remedy you can use a mixture of birch beverage, sour cream and honey. Such a mixture to apply for 15 minutes, then remove with cool water. As a result of such procedures, the skin becomes firm and acquires a healthy matte shade.
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Health Hazards and Contraindications

Along with a lot of healing qualities, there are cases where birch nectar can be dangerous for humans. Often the drink can be harmful if consumed in excess.

The product is not contraindicated for any diseases, but it is important to observe the dosage. Birch nectar has the ability to break down stones, so if the optimal amount is exceeded, they can begin to move, which provokes painful sensations.

Exceeding the recommended doses of birch juice can harm ulcers and gastritis, causing exacerbation of the pathology. It is manifested by the occurrence of pain in the stomach area. Stool disorders may appear in the presence of gastroduodenitis.

In rare cases, the product provokes allergic reactions, which can seriously harm. Usually such a reaction of the body is observed when the birch pollen is intolerant.

Natural birch pollen should be given to children under one year of age with caution, as it can be dangerous for the little body. After using the drink a child is important to monitor his well-being. It is recommended to first dilute such a useful natural product with water.

How and when to collect birch sap

The usefulness of the birch drink is directly related to the conditions of collecting and harvesting the liquid. The collection of the drink should be carried out from March to the end of April. To check whether a tree is secreting sap, you need to prick the bark of the plant with an awl. If it produces transparent drops of liquid, it indicates that it is time to collect nectar.

How and when the birch sap is collected

Collecting such a valuable potion, it is important to follow some rules that will protect the tree from danger.

  1. First of all, you should properly make the cut. You can not use an axe in such a case. For such purposes, a drill with a drill bit up to 1 cm in diameter will be suitable. A small hole will not lead to the death of the entire tree.
  2. It is recommended to collect the drink from several birches. One tree can give no more than a liter of useful product. Otherwise it will weaken and may even die.
  3. An open hole in the tree remains open to various bacteria that are dangerous to the birch. Therefore, after collecting the nectar, it is imperative to close it, using a special plug.
  4. The sap from a mature birch tree will be more useful. In addition, the taste of such a product is much better.
  5. Of great importance is also the selection of the container and the place for the incision, which should be at a height of about 20 cm from the soil. It is recommended to collect birch bark in large plastic bottles, using grooves. Such utensils can be changed twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

Is it possible to collect birch sap in summer?

Usually birch sap is collected during the period when the buds are blossoming. It can be collected in summer, but the most delicious nectar is in spring, when the ground thaws. Later the natural product does not taste so pronounced, it is more like water.

Nectar should be collected before the appearance of leaves on the tree. Then the sap no longer flows so well, as everything goes into the development of the leaves. Therefore, later than the middle of April, collecting birch sap is not recommended.

How to store

Preparing birch sap at home is not so difficult. However, it should be noted that the shelf life of such a product is not so long. To get the maximum benefit from the drink, it should be consumed fresh. Doctors advise to drink it instead of water. In a hot period, as well as after physical activity, this composition will help to quench thirst.

Since the natural drink refers to perishable products, you can store it in the refrigerator no more than two days. To preserve at least part of the useful properties of the liquid, you can preserve it, freeze it or make a kvass from it.

In the cellar birch product can be stored for about a month. After that it can harm the body. Canning contributes to the loss of some of the healing qualities, while freezing provides an opportunity to preserve most of the useful vitamins and mineral elements.

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How to drink birch sap correctly

Of course, it is better to drink natural birch juice fresh, without adding any flavor enhancers or sweeteners. The drink itself is transparent, with a sweetish aftertaste. Since the fresh beverage can be drunk only during the collection of nectar, it should be preserved. This can be done by several methods, for example, to make preparations. To do this, you need to boil the juice and pour it into jars, using citric acid as a preservative. To improve the taste of the drink, you can add a little sugar to it.

How to drink birch juice correctly

Also to extend the shelf life of the birch nectar, a concentrate should be prepared. To do this, the mass should be boiled until the volume is reduced several times and canned in the usual way. When using it, it should be mixed with water.

Freezing is also used to preserve the usefulness of the product.

How much you can drink per day

If there are no contraindications, you can drink up to two liters of birch juice per day. Even the presence of urolithiasis, inflammatory processes in the organs of the digestive tract is not a contraindication to the use of this nectar. In such cases, you only need to reduce the amount of taken composition.

For children, it is necessary to dilute the birchberry with water to eliminate the appearance of allergies. When taking this natural component for the first time, you should make sure that there is no intolerance.

May I drink it at night and on an empty stomach?

Birch juice has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, which is especially appreciated in the treatment of arthritis, gout, rheumatism, trophic ulcers and varicose veins. In this case, it is necessary to drink 50 ml of the birch product diluted with water in the proportion of 2:1 30 minutes before the meal, three times a day. If we talk about taking this drink just before going to bed, it is important to take into account the diuretic property of the juice, which may disturb your rest.

On an empty stomach birch nectar can be consumed, because it has a coating property that will prevent irritation of the mucous membranes.

What can be made of birch sap: recipes

There are many recipes based on birch sap, which are characterized by numerous useful qualities. Drinks from the natural nectar of the birch tree have a tonic effect, they are not able to harm human health. Thus, from the natural juice can be prepared kvass or syrup, as well as used to make an alcoholic beverage.


There are many ways of preparing such a drink, so it is quite difficult to choose the most successful options for making kvass. Thus, the most useful is considered to be bread kvass, as well as the product using juice and raisins.

To prepare a delicious drink you will need 50 g of raisins and coffee beans each, 0.5 cup of sugar, 2.5 liters of birch juice, 3 crusts of rye bread.

First, you need to roast the coffee beans, the rye bread pieces to dry in the oven, as well as prepare raisins by washing and drying them.

Then place all the ingredients in a container, pour the natural wood liquid and cover with a rubber glove, one finger of which has a puncture. In this form, the preparation should be stored for several days. Kvass is considered to be ready at the moment when the glove is put down. Now it can be poured into bottles and stored in the refrigerator.

Preparation of kvass with the use of raisins is as follows: you need to strain out 3 liters of juice, using gauze. Next, add large raisins in the amount of 20-25 pieces. After this, send the drink to a dark place for fermentation. It retains all the useful properties of the nectar for a long period.

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To make wine from birch bark, you will need 25 liters of juice itself, 5 kg of sugar, a glass of raisins, 10 g of citric acid, a glass of honey - as desired.

Three days before making the wine drink, you should make a raisin starter. Instead of raisins, yeast can be used (if the latter is used, then such a step is omitted). In a large container, mix sugar, birch juice and preservative in the form of citric acid and bring to a boil. It is necessary to remove the foam regularly. The result should remain about 20 liters of liquid. Next, cool the mass, add yeast, honey component to it and pour everything into a container for further fermentation. The opening of such a container should also close with a glove with a puncture. Now move the composition to a dark place with a temperature of no more than 25 degrees. After a few weeks, pour the fermented mixture. The liquid should be light and the glove used should be deflated. Then the drink can be poured into a glass container and placed in a cool room for 2-3 weeks.


To make moonshine from birch nectar, you need 30 liters of juice itself and 1 tbsp of kefir or milk. In a separate bowl you need to pour 3 liters of birch liquid. Boil the remaining 27 liters on low heat for several hours. The result should be 10 liters of liquid, which must be cooled. After that, mix it with 3 liters of fresh drink, also add kefir (milk) to it. The resulting mixture should be poured into a container for further fermentation. In this case, the vessel with the future broth should be stored in a room with a temperature no higher than 28 degrees.

If after a couple of days there are no signs of fermentation, it is recommended to add 60 grams of dry yeast. After two weeks, the fermentation process is complete, and now the broth can be distilled. An additional purification procedure is to pass the composition through birch charcoal.

Birch syrup

Usually the syrup is made with the addition of sugar, but as for the birch drink, in this case it is not necessary to use a sweetener at all. It is only necessary to achieve evaporation of the excess liquid.

For work you will need a large bowl. In it you need to pour up to half the volume of the container juice and put it on the stove. It is worth noting that the process of making sweet syrup is quite long, since initially the wood nectar contains only 3 percent sugar, and in the finished product, the concentration of this substance should be 65-70. On the surface of the drink will form foam, which is important to constantly remove. This is necessary to ensure that the finished drink was transparent. The finished product acquires a light yellow color or amber color. The birch syrup has the consistency of a honey-like viscosity. This indicates that it is ready.

Usually it takes almost 100 liters of birch syrup to get a liter of syrup. To boil a large amount, even a small saucepan will do, you will only need to gradually pour the liquid into the mass as the amount decreases.

Store the finished potion better in a container of glass. When hot pour the liquid into pre-sterilized bottles and close with a lid. Syrup, obtained without the use of sugar, is useful to drink for both adults and children. Dentists assure that there will be no harm to the teeth, moreover, this drink will help to prevent tooth decay because of the tannins. Such a drink can be added to tea as a sweetener, use it to pour over ice cream.

For those who do not have time for a long boiling of birch juice, there is a recipe for making syrup using granulated sugar. In this case, you need to filter the fresh nectar of the birch tree through gauze. Pour the purified mass into a saucepan and put it on the fire. Boil the solution for 60 minutes, while constantly removing the foam. After that, add sugar at the rate of 200 grams of sugar per liter of juice. Then cook the mass until it acquires the desired consistency. The sweet drink can be rolled in the same way as in the first case.

To highlight the delicate flavor of the forest, you can add lemon, mint or raisins to the drink. A small amount of such substances will reveal the flavor without overpowering it.

Interesting facts about birch juice

Interesting facts about birch sap

  1. The name of the tree "birch" comes from the Old Slavonic verb, which means "to whiten."
  2. Birch trees can reach a height of 40-45 m, with a trunk diameter of up to 1.5 m. But the genus is also characterized by bushy plants that are barely visible at ground level.
  3. Seeds of this tree are very light, 1 g can contain up to 5 ths. seeds, which are carried away by the wind over long distances from the tree.
  4. Most birch species are able to grow even in permafrost conditions. By the way, there are about a hundred varieties of such a tree in the world. In Russia, this plant is considered to be one of the most common.
  5. The birch grows on almost any type of soil, whether it is wet soil, dry, or boggy terrain.
  6. The birch lives on average about a century, some species can live up to 4 centuries.
  7. The birch wood is home to the so-called stag beetle, which is among the largest beetles in Europe.
  8. Orthodox Christians often use birch tree branches to decorate their homes and churches on Holy Trinity.
  9. Birch leaves and alum are used to make yellow dye for wool.
  10. Earlier splinters of this wood were used for lighting the peasant's dwelling, because such wood burns brightly, but at the same time practically does not smoke.
  11. Brooms made of birch twigs are used not only in Russian baths, but also as fodder for animals for the winter.
  12. As for the construction of a structure from such material, it is not recommended to do so, as this wood is very quickly subjected to rotting.
  13. The bark of this plant was often used in ancient times instead of paper, as it is not at all afraid of moisture. It is thanks to this property of this material that various records of the 11-15 centuries have reached modern mankind.

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