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How to make the cream for profiteroles: 13 recipes

Profiteroles are called small products that consist of custard dough. They can be made with absolutely any filling. They can be sweet or salty, everything depends only on your taste buds and preferences. The most common variety is profiteroles with cream filling. There are a large number of options for making cream. In this combination, the cream perfectly complements the custard product with its creamy flavor.

Classic Profiteroles Custard

Custard for Profiteroles

This recipe for making the culinary product is considered a classic. In order to make profiteroles with custard, you need to mix the ingredients carefully in a certain sequence, and at the same time make sure that the milk does not burn.

In order to prepare the custard, you will need:

  • 2 large egg yolks;
  • 250 ml of high-fat milk;
  • 25 grams of flour mixed with starch in equal proportions;
  • 50 gr. sugar;
  • 30 ml of liqueur;
  • vanillin.

To prepare it, do the following steps:

  1. Heat the milk on a low heat.
  2. Add the flour and starch to the whipped egg yolks and sugar. After that, add the milk to the mixture.
  3. Qualitatively stir the ready mass.
  4. Add the resulting mixture in a small stream to the warming milk.
  5. Let it boil for 1 minute.
  6. To the resulting mass add a little liqueur and vanilla.

Now you need to wait until the mass cools down. After a while you can safely apply the cream to stuffing profiteroles.

Cream for profiteroles with condensed milk and butter

Cream for Profiteroles with condensed milk and butter

You only need a couple of ingredients to properly prepare sweetened condensed milk custard.

Tip! To make the dessert more healthy, you can use self-cooked condensed milk in cooking. To do this, you need to put the jar in a bowl with a large volume and fill it with water. After it boils, you need to boil it for about 2 hours. The most important thing is that the water can not boil completely. You need to regularly pour it into the bowl.

For the condensed milk cream, we need only 2 ingredients:

  • Boiled condensed milk, weighing 200 g.
  • Butter, weighing 150 g.


  1. The first thing we take the butter out of the refrigerator. This is done so that it can infuse and become soft.
  2. If you cook the condensed milk yourself, then you need to give it time to cool. If it is purchased, then simply open the jar.
  3. Add the butter to a large bowl.
  4. Transfer the condensed milk from the jar to the bowl and take out the mixer.
  5. Next, whip the products until smooth for 5 minutes.

The resulting condensed cream can be filled with baked goods.

Recipe for cream of cream for profiteroles

Recipe for cream profiteroles

To prepare this version of the dessert, we will need:

  • 300 g of cream;
  • 50 g of powdered sugar.

The cooking procedure itself takes place in several stages:

  1. First you need to cool the cream to -5 degrees.
  2. Then transfer them to a cup, which should also have a reduced temperature.
  3. Whip the cream until homogeneous.
  4. Add powdered sugar and mix thoroughly.

The cream of cream for profiteroles is ready.

How to make "Plombard" cream for profiteroles

How to cook Custard

The above option is considered the most commonly used and budgetary. To prepare this cream, it is not necessary to buy cream, it is quite possible to use sour cream. The most important thing is that it should be of a high percentage of fat. To make the cream even softer in texture, you need to add butter. Then it will definitely taste indistinguishable from slightly melted ice cream.

For the cream you will need:

  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • sugar 150 grams;
  • vanilla sugar on the tip of a knife;
  • 2 tablespoons of flour;
  • sour cream 350 g;
  • butter 250 g.


  1. Take the butter out of the refrigerator so that it comes to room temperature.
  2. Sieve the flour through a sieve.
  3. Add 2 eggs and sugar to a saucepan and mix everything.
  4. Then add flour and sour cream.
  5. Thoroughly mix everything and send to a water bath for 10 minutes.
  6. Then you need to cool the resulting mass.
  7. Beat butter in a large bowl.
  8. Combine everything and mix again with a mixer.
  9. Leave in the fridge for 40 minutes.
Video: Custard recipe with condensed milk Unwrap

Mascarpone cream for profiteroles

Mascarpone cream for profiteroles

Mascarpone is a great variation on making cheesecake. However, cream cheese will go well with profiteroles as well. The most important thing is to choose heavy cream.


  • 33% cream - 300 g;
  • mascarpone - 300 gr;
  • powdered sugar - 100 gr.

Step by step recipe:

  1. The first thing in a large bowl, whip the pre-cooled cream with powdered sugar.
  2. The next step is to add mascarpone.
  3. We mix all the ingredients - cheese, cream and powdered sugar.

Once we have a homogeneous mass of the above products, still stir the consistency, in order to achieve an even cream.

Making the cream cheese for the profiteroles

Cheese cream for profiteroles

A great additive for baking, both in taste and appearance, is cream cheese. This dainty dessert can be eaten with a spoon or spread on the cakes. Preparing the cream cheese is easy. It takes 15 minutes of your time. And, of course, the main ingredients must be of the right quality. The butter should preferably be of high fat content.

To prepare the cream cheese you will need:

  • cottage cheese - 300 g;
  • Butter - 130 gr;
  • powdered sugar - 100 gr.

The process itself consists of several steps:

  1. In a large bowl we place the melted butter.
  2. Pour the powdered sugar and cheese, pre-mash the products and mix them with a mixer.
  3. Beat for 5 minutes until a homogeneous mass appears.
  4. Then we put the bowl in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Tip! You can put the prepared mass in a pastry bag and cover its top. Then the cheesecream will definitely turn out rich in flavor.

Other recipes for cream of profiteroles

The above options for making cream for profiteroles are not the only ones. There are many more diverse examples of delicious desserts that we will tell you about.

Nutella and mascarpone cream

Nutella and mascarpone cream

To make this recipe, we need the following ingredients:

  • Nutella paste, about 30 g;
  • mascarpone 250g;
  • cream with a high percentage of fat (starting from 33%);
  • sugar;
  • vanillin.

How to make:

  1. Melt cream with Nutella. Chill in refrigerator for 2 hours. Whisk with a mixer.
  2. Next, in another bowl also whisk together the sugar and mascarpone.
  3. Combine the two prepared masses and mix everything together until homogeneous.

Nutella and mascarpone cream is ready.

Cream of cottage cheese

Cheese cream for profiteroles

To prepare this dessert, we will need the following ingredients:

  • 250 g of cottage cheese;
  • 200 grams of cream with a high percentage;
  • 50 ml of milk;
  • 200 grams of powdered sugar;
  • Vanilla on the tip of a knife.

Preparation steps:

  1. The first thing to do is to mix the cottage cheese and powdered sugar.
  2. Add to them the milk, then whip everything well with a blender.
  3. Take the cream to the refrigerator for a while so that it cools.
  4. After cooling, add them to the curd consistency, while constantly stirring the mass with a spatula.


Chocolate cream for profiteroles

To prepare the following products will be needed:

  • 50 g of chocolate;
  • 350g of cream with a high percentage of fat;
  • 150 g of powdered sugar.

Cooking algorithm:

  1. In one bowl, mix the cream and powdered sugar.
  2. Using a mixer, turn the components into a dense homogeneous mass.
  3. Melt the chocolate itself, then let it cool. After that, you can safely add it to the cream.
  4. Mix all the ingredients. Chocolate cream is ready!

With orange juice

Orange juice cream

The cream on orange juice turns out unusually delicious and pretty in appearance, because it looks bright against the background of the others.


  • orange juice - 0,5 l;
  • sugar - 150 gr;
  • chicken eggs - 2 pcs;
  • flour - 2 tablespoons
  • Butter - 50 gr.

The cooking process consists of the following steps:

  1. We combine a couple of chicken eggs, sugar and flour in a large bowl. Mix everything well to get rid of lumps.
  2. Pour the orange juice into the prepared egg-sugar mixture and put it on the stove. With constant stirring we bring the liquid to a boil, then make minimal heat and simmer the mass for 2-3 minutes, until it thickens.
  3. At the very end we add the butter, stirring intensively so that it dissolves, and remove the cooking vessel from the fire.

As the last step, cover the container with clingfilm and wait for it to cool, so that the cream begins to thicken.

Cream with strawberries

Strawberry Cream

Berry cream will go perfectly with profiteroles. In addition to being very tasty, the cream is also healthy, because it is made with natural fresh or frozen berries, depending on the time of year.


  • strawberries - 500 g;
  • water - 50 ml;
  • sugar - 4 tablespoons;
  • gelatin - 2 tablespoons.

Method of preparation:

  1. The first step is to soak the gelatin in water, then let it stand for 5 minutes.
  2. Next, whip the berries until they are pureed.
  3. Combine the homogeneous mass of berries with gelatin and sugar in a small saucepan and put on the stove.
  4. It is important to constantly stir the homogeneous mixture to prevent it from boiling.
  5. Wait for the gelatin to dissolve, about 5 minutes.
  6. Move the pan with the contents to a chilled surface.

After the cream has thickened you can use it for the profiteroles.

Pistachio Cream

Pistachio Creme

Profiteroles with a bright emerald filling will taste just as mind-blowing. You can add chocolate on top for a change.

Ingredients for pistachio cream:

  • 400 ml milk;
  • 2 tablespoons of starch;
  • 100g sugar;
  • 100 g pistachios;
  • 100 g butter;
  • 150 gr cream.


  1. Mix two spoonfuls of milk with the starch.
  2. Pour the remaining milk into a saucepan, add the sugar and bring to a boil.
  3. Gradually add the starch, while still stirring the consistency.
  4. After boiling, remove the pot from the heat.
  5. We wait until the mass cools.
  6. Beat it with butter and add pistachios.

Pudding cream

Pudding cream

For this variant we need the following ingredients:

  • milk - 400 liters;
  • sugar - 4 tablespoons;
  • pudding - 40 gr;
  • butter - 200 g.

Step by step preparation:

  1. The first step is to dilute the pudding in 150 ml of milk. Stir until there are no lumps.
  2. In the remaining milk add sugar, the previously prepared mixture, pour into a saucepan and bring to a boil.
  3. Cook on a low heat until a thick consistency is reached, stirring all the time.
  4. We allow the mass to infuse and cool.
  5. Take out the butter, add it to the ready mixture and gradually whip it.


You probably have additional questions. Let's try to anticipate them in advance.

What are profiteroles and what are they made of?

Profiteroles are small (less than 4 cm in diameter) French custard dishes with various fillings (both sweet and savory).

What fillings can I use in profiteroles?

As mentioned above, there are a huge number of fillings for the flour product. It can be from berries, mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese or meat.

The classic recipe for profiteroles

How to cook Profiteroles

To prepare the simplest flour products, the following ingredients are needed:

  • water - 200 ml;
  • butter - 80 gr
  • flour - 150 gr
  • chicken eggs - 5 pieces.

As you already know, profiteroles are culinary products made of custard dough. Usually they are made with a small diameter, about 4 cm. However, what size to make the pastry is up to you to decide.


  1. The first step is to pour water into a saucepan and put butter in it. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  2. Next, you need to add flour to the prepared consistency.
  3. The next step is to use a spoon or spatula to stir the mixture directly in the pot to get rid of any lumps.
  4. Now remove the pan from the stove and let the dough cool.
  5. When it has cooled, you can start adding the eggs, but one at a time.
  6. Introduce the egg, then stir it into the dough, and so on 5 times.
  7. The ready dough is put into a dough bag.
  8. Put parchment paper or oil on a baking tray.
  9. Press out the balls there at a large distance from each other.
  10. Bake the profiteroles in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

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