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Roebuck Berry: what is the berry, useful properties and contraindications

The forest bramble berry is not as loudly popular as its congeners - blackberries and raspberries, which is in the hands of connoisseurs of natural wealth. Every year in the midsummer they follow the familiar paths to the pine forests to stock up on vitamin berries for winter. The taste of brambleberry resembles pomegranate: it is the same sour-sweet and slightly astringent. The resemblance to the exotic fruit is indicated by the bones, which are large enough for a small berry. Therefore, the forest beauty is often popularly called the northern pomegranate, knuckleberry, polenika.

But, in addition to their pleasant taste, bramble berries have a mass of other unique features. This natural product can be used to make exquisite treats, desserts and delicious drinks. And in composition, the northern berry is not inferior to the rosehip, so much does it contain vitamins and other useful components. Therefore, this wild plant is widely used in folk medicine. From its various parts according to ancient recipes, healing drinks are prepared, which help in the treatment of colds and many other diseases. Perhaps, having learned about its hidden abilities, now lovers of forest gifts will not pass by the brambleberry bushes burning with red lights.

What is brambleberry?

Roebuck Berry is a species of perennial herbaceous shrubs. It belongs to the Rosaceae family. Mostly there are wild varieties of this bramble berry, although recently amateur gardeners have shown interest in it and are actively engaged in growing perennials on their garden plots.

The benefits and harms of bramble

What does it look like

  1. The height of adult bushes does not exceed 30-40 cm. The stem of bramble is straight, with thorns. Creeping shoots depart from it in all directions.
  2. Leaves have an oval-elliptical shape. Their surface is covered with villi. The leaves of bramble has an ability to predict the weather: before sunny days they curl up into a tube, and about a day before the rain they open completely.
  3. Flowers. At the end of May or beginning of June the bush is covered with small white flowers of five petals. Bramble flowers are monoecious, and are held on short, tufted pedicels.
  4. Bramble fruits form in place of the flowers at the end of July or in August. They consist of several small fragments, indicating that the northern berry is closely related to raspberries and blackberries. Only they have a larger stone in each lobule. Therefore, by all indications in the wild northern berry bush, the fruit belongs to the knuckle class. It is bright red or orange in color and has a sour-sweet taste.
  5. The perennial propagates vegetatively through shoots that can sometimes be up to 40 m long. By the end of the summer these shoots, which are very similar to strawberry tendrils, set roots in the ground. From then on, the young plant develops on its own, separating itself permanently from the mother organism.

Good to know! You can distinguish barren shoots from fruit-bearing offshoots by their squishy appearance and sparse villi. Promising specimens of young vegetation immediately form a straight stem with thorns.

Where it grows

The life cycles of the bramble shrub differ depending on the region of growth. The plant prefers damp places. It can be found among fallen pine needles on forest edges, rocky slopes, on hills. The northern berry is widespread in Siberia, in the Urals, in almost all regions with moderate and cold climates of the Eurasian part. In the Caucasus, the berry bush is well established at altitudes up to 2,500 m. On the mountain slopes of the Alps and in Scandinavia, this unpretentious plant has also taken a permanent residence, as in the north of Japan. Even in Iceland and Greenland you can see the burning northern pomegranate berries. The main condition for a comfortable life of the perennial is alkaline soils rich in humus.

This is interesting: Some specimens migrate to nearby woodland meadows.

Composition and calories

The northern pomegranate has a well-balanced, rich composition that varies from plant to plant. In all, it contains several dozen elements. Among the main active components present in the berries are:

  • ascorbic acid (vitamin C) occupies the majority of the composition;
  • organic acids;
  • alkaloids;
  • pectins;
  • rutin;
  • vitamin E;
  • Minerals: zinc, iron, manganese, copper;
  • flavonoids;
  • tannins;
  • ash;
  • carbohydrates.

The underground part of bramble has a large concentration of tannins, and the leaves contain minerals, alkaloids and rutin.

Despite the presence of carbohydrates, the caloric value of the northern berry is only 44 units. That is why nutritionists recommend including the pure forest product in the diet of weakened and seriously ill people. After all, in a 100-gram serving of any dessert from fresh berries brambleberries contains 44 mg of ascorbic acid, which is known to form the protective properties of the immune system.

Useful properties of bramble berries

Useful properties of bramble

General benefits

In the food industry and official medicine, brambleberries, as well as other parts of the plant, are not used. But in folk medicine, the perennial shrub is considered a valuable raw material for the preparation of various medicinal forms. Due to the unique formula of its composition, northern pomegranate has a whole complex of medicinal properties:

  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • prevents the development of atherosclerosis;
  • removes salts and excess fluid from the body;
  • prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques;
  • Increases the body's resistance by strengthening the immune system;
  • Improves intestinal peristalsis;
  • Has a diaphoretic effect;
  • With a fever helps to bring down the temperature;
  • Has a hemostatic property;
  • It participates in the process of hematopoiesis;
  • improves vision;
  • Accelerates tissue regeneration;
  • stimulates metabolic processes.

And, also has anti-inflammatory effect especially in the treatment of conjunctivitis and respiratory diseases.

The presence of all these effects in the forest berry allows its use as an additional means of therapy for the following pathologies:

  • avitaminosis;
  • anemia;
  • gout;
  • gastrointestinal disorders;
  • Bleeding of different nature of origin;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • diarrhea;
  • respiratory infections;
  • inflammatory diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract;
  • Fatigue and nervous tension;
  • stress;
  • some pathologies of the heart;
  • skin problems (warts, papillomas).

Clinical studies conducted by scientists have proved the ability of bramble berries to exhibit anticarcinogenic activity. Therefore, the natural product is quite suitable for use for preventive purposes. It is also noted that the presence in food dishes made of wild berries reduces the sensitivity to allergens.

Note: Raw bramble berries reduce blood pressure, which is useful for hypertensive patients.

To all the advantages of the wild forest crop should be added that its sour-sweet taste adorns many dishes. The berry is perfectly perceived by the body, has a limited list of contraindications. Therefore, the inclusion of such a valuable product in the diet will greatly benefit people of all ages and genders.

For women

Roebuck Berry is especially useful for the representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

  1. The presence in berries of a whole group of antioxidants will help to solve problems with problem skin. The components of the composition of the plant penetrate to the deepest layers of the dermis, improving cleansing and metabolism at the cellular level. Therefore, the use of berries in home cosmetology will rejuvenate the face dermis, help to smooth wrinkles and get rid of acne.
  2. Has a powerful antibacterial and antifungal effect forest berries. If the affected sites daily rub the juice of fresh berries, this simple way to help eliminate fungal infection and get rid of warts and papillomas.
  3. Those who suffer from dandruff, the following recipe will come in handy: every day rinse your hair and head with a decoction of the leaves and roots of the plant.
  4. In addition to cosmetic applications, the northern berry will be useful for heavy periods and bleeding in the postpartum period. To reduce blood loss, prepare a decoction of dried shrub leaves (12 g) and a glass of water. Boil the composition for about 15 minutes, and after filtering take 30 ml before meals. Just a few takes of this simple but very effective medicine will help stop the bleeding.

Separately, we would like to mention the benefits of culinary products. From bramble are very tasty vitamin drinks, which can be drunk to strengthen the immune system and restore the normal state of the nervous system. After all, women are more susceptible to stress than men.

For men

Since the representatives of the strong half of mankind have to experience daily excessive physical strain, bramble berries will help to level out their negative consequences. Even professional athletes and fans of active lifestyle should definitely include in their diet light desserts with drinks from forest fruits. The ability of the northern pomegranate to maintain normal muscle tone, including the heart muscle, will help you recover quickly after training and hard work. In addition, the shrubby plant will benefit in the treatment of inflammatory processes of the genitourinary tract, hemorrhoids, from which men suffer more often.

In pregnancy

Despite the presence in the composition of the northern berry of a whole set of vitamins, the content of the group of alkaloids makes it impossible to use it during pregnancy. Even vitamin drinks with bramble are dangerous for future mothers to drink. So it is better not to risk your health, and most importantly - the health of the long-awaited baby. There are many useful berries and fruits, so you can always find a worthy substitute for forest gifts.

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When breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers, as well as pregnant women, it is better to postpone for a while the treatment with preparations based on plant parts and berry bramble. The presence of quite toxic components can be detrimental to the health of the baby, who is very defenseless, especially in the first months of life.

For children

For small children bramble is dangerous because of the large seeds. At the early age kids do not know how to throw up bones, and their not fully formed digestive tract simply can not cope with such a load. Therefore, up to 3 years of fresh berries bramble give children can not. But processed vitamin product in the form of morses and compote can be introduced into child nutrition from 6-7 months.

Of course, we must not forget that the main marker of the usefulness of the product is the absence of allergic reactions. Introduce drinks in the menu of the child should be a minimum amount. If no negative reactions appear, you can gradually increase the rate. From the northern berry you can make a healthy marmalade, fruit desserts, delicious jam. From such treats absolutely all children come to love.

For weight loss.

The low caloric value of the northern pomegranate allows you to include a useful natural product in any diet aimed at losing weight. For example, berry diets are very popular today. And you can use not only fresh berries, but also frozen fruits. Such a fruit supplement is suitable as a light snack at noon, you can replace dinner with a delicious berry dessert. Dried bramble berries can be added to tea, and ground - to porridge. Dried leaves of the shrub will also be suitable for making a vitamin flavored drink. Therefore, the juicy berries of the northern pomegranate can decorate a strict weight loss diet.

Many pragmatic housewives prepare bramble berries for the winter just like other gifts of the gardens. Stocks of vitamin berries are a great alternative to raspberries and currants. Drinks, jams, compotes made from them will help to relieve fever and improve the condition in case of colds. And frozen berries can be used as a natural hypotensive agent for high blood pressure.

Their Usage in Folk Medicine

In Russia, brambleberries were widely used in ancient times. Basically, housewives prepared kvass from the berry, which restored strength after hard work. Herbalists in the old days dried roots and leaves of forest shrubs, and then used the recipes that were kept in strict secrecy, preparing medicines for coughs, fever, indigestion.

Using bramble in folk medicine

We must pay tribute to the ingenuity of folk healers, because their drugs worked without fail. Perhaps it was just the placebo effect, as professionals would say today. But in the total absence of drugs forest berries and medicinal herbs helped to treat even such serious illnesses as tuberculosis.

Bunberries in folk medicine were used for making decoctions and tinctures. The berry juice served as an independent remedy for treatment and prevention. Healing solutions were taken internally, they were used to treat the skin, make compresses and rubbing.

Many unique recipes have survived unchanged to this day. For practical use in home therapy offer the following popular remedies.

Tea for the treatment of anemia.

The recipe is very simple: you need to take in equal proportions the leaves of strawberries, brambleberries and currants. The vegetable raw materials are well mixed, and then 1 tsp. poured into a cup and brewed as an ordinary tea. You can add a few spruce needles to increase the effectiveness of the drink. After 10 minutes of infusion tea can be drunk.

Hemorrhoids remedy

Folk healers recommend this recipe to use and those who are tormented by pain in the joints affected by arthritis. As a basis, you need to take the shoots, flowers and leaves from bushes of brambleberries in equal amounts - 20 g. Plant material to boil (300 ml), leave for an hour to insist. Use the prepared solution for compresses, but you can take it internally, diluted by half with water. External procedures on hemorrhoids is better to do before going to bed. The course of treatment is 10 days. Usually this time is enough to relieve pain and swelling.

Baths for hemorrhoids

Improve the condition with hemorrhoids sitting baths with decoction of the leaves of the northern berry bush. Calculation of the components: 3 liters of water - 50 g of leaves. Combine the components in an enamel bowl, which then put on low heat. Boil the composition for 10-15 minutes, remove from the stove and cool slightly. Then the finished decoction can be added to the finished bath.

To restore the body

After a long illness or chemotherapy of cancer patients will help to quickly recover tea with the addition of 2 tbsp. fresh bramble juice. Such a cocktail should be taken daily for two weeks.

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Infusion for bronchitis

In this case, you need to prepare 1 tbsp. flowers and leaves of bramble. Equally suitable will be both fresh and dried raw materials. Pour the ingredients in the specified amount in a thermos, and on top pour 200 ml of boiling water. Insist the composition for 4 hours. Then the entire volume of liquid divide 50 ml at each reception. During the day, the entire infusion should be drunk.

Universal tincture

This remedy is suitable for prevention and treatment. Prepare it from the dried leaves of the plant (50 g) and 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist the medicine should be a month in the dark. Take 1 tsp. 3-4 times.

General tonic tea

In principle, this is also a universal remedy that can be drunk to replenish the energy resource of the body. The drink will alleviate colds and relieve nervous tension. You will need fresh berries bramble and leaves. Take the ingredients of 1 tsp. each, pour into a cup. Pour a glass of boiling water over the mixture. In 7-10 minutes the healing infusion will be ready. To improve the taste you should add honey and cream to the drink, but you can also add milk.

Medicine for gastritis

In this situation, you will need a small amount of fresh berries, from which you need to squeeze the juice. Daily on an empty stomach take 30 ml of juice. It is desirable to continue the course of natural therapy for three months.

Remedy for seborrhea

This way of treating skin problems was used by Siberian herbalists. A decoction is prepared from the leaves collected from the bush of brambleberries. You can also take dried leaves as an initial material. The volume of the base - 3 tbsp. Plant part should be pour 0.4 liters of boiling water. Then you should bring the steamed leaves in a water bath for another quarter of an hour to the desired state. Prepared decoction to wash your head. According to centuries of experience, after a few procedures no itching and dandruff disappears without a trace.

Soothing baths

In addition to the sedative effect, such procedures help to strengthen the immune system. It is necessary to prepare a decoction of berries and leaves of bramble with the addition of pine needles. Pour the prepared solution into water filled to a temperature of 37 degrees. Duration of the procedure - 15-20 minutes. Usually after such a bath the sleep gets better, the muscles relax. In short, this procedure has the same effect as a relaxation session in an expensive salon. This solution is suitable for foot baths with fungus on the feet. Only in the water, in addition to the decoction, you should also add a few drops of tea tree oil.

For the establishment of metabolism

Increase the rate of flow of metabolic processes home remedy, prepared as follows:

  1. 250 grams of washed berries pour boiled, but cooled water (1/2 l).
  2. In this form, leave the mixture for 24 hours.
  3. Then strain the solution, and in the resulting infusion add 25 grams of good honey. Take three times a day for 50 ml.

Note: Infusion, prepared according to this recipe, can be drunk with liver problems.

A few more simple ways of treatment using parts of bramble shrubbery:

  1. For rheumatic pains, you can steep the leaves of bramble in boiling water, and then apply to the sore spots.
  2. To get rid of warts, it is necessary to rub them every day with fresh juice of brambleberries.
  3. Inflamed eyes can be quickly cured by applying to them the fresh leaves of the shrubbery.

To complete the review of recipes on the basis of berries and other parts of brambleberries, we would like another useful advice: fresh juice of brambleberries kills pathogens of such an unpleasant disease as trichomoniasis and some other sexually transmitted infections. To perform the procedure, you need to add 30-50 ml per 1 liter of liquid of fresh berry juice to the solution for sprinkling.

What can be cooked from bramble berries: recipes

What can be cooked of Roebuck Berry

Most often berries are used in fresh form. It is not difficult to remove excess acidity with additives such as sour cream, honey, sugar, and milk. But a lot of beautiful dishes with an elegant flavor bouquet can be prepared from the forest product. However, to collect the right amount of berries, it is worth having patience, because it is a very time-consuming process. Those who dare to do such an act, will subsequently be rewarded, because from the northern pomegranate you can prepare the following culinary delights at home:

  • jelly;
  • jam and jam;
  • kvass;
  • compotes;
  • kissels;
  • wine and liqueurs;
  • mousses;
  • marinade;
  • sauce for meat dishes;
  • berry stuffing for confectionery.

Interestingly, even bramble pips have found a use in cooking: they need to be dried and then ground in a coffee grinder. The resulting powder as a seasoning can be added to the second course and baking. For rational hostesses, we suggest taking note of the recipes for the following sweet desserts.


The scheme of preparation of a sweet berry treat is traditional:

  1. First, separate the stalks from the berries, then wash them.
  2. Let the water drain from the berries.
  3. To make the syrup, take 1 kg of sugar and a cup and a half of water.
  4. Boil the syrup for 5 minutes, then pour the berries straight bitter mixture.
  5. Boil the jam best in a bowl by this technique: bring the mass to a boil three times, and then take it off the stove. When the berries in the syrup cool down, put the basin back on the stove.
  6. After the last removal from the fire, pour the jam immediately into jars, and then roll up or close with capron lids.

Important: The berries cooked according to this technique retain all the useful properties.

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Drink from berries can serve not only as a supplement to a nourishing dinner, with a cold it alleviates the condition of the patient and relieves fever. How to prepare a compote:

  1. A handful of bramble berries and 6 leaves from the same bush to make 2 liters of water. Preferably add a few leaves of raspberries and currants for flavor.
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil and immediately turn off the heat.
  3. When the compote cools, add honey to taste.


Residents of Siberian regions still make this popular old drink according to the recipes of their grandmothers. The simplest version is given here:

  1. Mash 4 cups of berries of brambleberries.
  2. Pour 3 liters of water over the berry mass.
  3. Boil for a while on low heat.
  4. Then strain the broth and add 200 grams of sugar.
  5. When the drink cools, add 10 grams of yeast. Kvass should ferment for 2-3 days.
  6. Then put it in the cold and drink to quench thirst in the summer heat.


This favorite drink for children and adults is prepared very quickly. The scheme is simple:

  1. Crush a glass of berries with a wooden mortar.
  2. Separately, dilute the starch (40 g) in a glass of cold water.
  3. Pour 0.8 liters of water over the berry mass and boil it for a while.
  4. Then add the starch solution and 100 grams of sugar.
  5. Bring the kissel to a boil, but do not boil.

From bramble berries can be made marmalade, fruit desserts and very many delicious dishes. But, of course, you will have to sacrifice a little time, because wild berries are difficult to process. But the lost time will be recouped by the unique taste of treats and desserts, which will delight not only kids, but even adults in the family. Such extravagances are worth saving for special holidays.

Harm and contraindications

We have considered the useful properties of the forest berry, which for various reasons people do not notice, collecting other gifts of nature in the forest. There are indeed many useful properties in brambleberries, but there are also a number of contraindications that should always be considered when you want to include its fruits in your diet. Absolute contraindications:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding period;
  • susceptibility to allergic manifestations;
  • Individual intolerance to the product;
  • stable hypertension;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • predisposition to constipation;
  • gastritis with hyperacidity;
  • ulcer disease.

As already noted, children can be given the useful berry, but with caution. It is best to prepare light desserts and vitamin drinks from fresh fruit.

Interesting facts

Interesting facts about bramble

  1. In the old days, bramble berries were used to obtain natural colors - from purple to pale blue.
  2. After a detailed study of the composition of the northern berry, the developers of alcoholic products created a recipe for vodka, which went on sale under the name "Kostyanka".
  3. In the olden days, brambleberries were used in conjunction with incantations to treat headaches and eliminate compulsions. Herbalists attributed magical properties to the forest plant. They prepared a special tea with fruits of the northern berry and other herbs.

Gardeners believe that the modest yield obtained from the bush of brambleberries is not worth the expense that will require the care of this crop. It is this factor that lowers the rating of this berry, although it is not inferior to blueberries, cranberries or currants in useful and medicinal properties. Perhaps after a close acquaintance with this unique plant, someone will have the desire to settle a few bushes of northern pomegranate in their dacha.

«Important: All information on this site is provided solely for introductory only for educational purposes. Please consult a health care professional before following any recommendations. specialist before using any of the recommendations. Neither the editors nor the authors shall be liable for any possible harm caused by materials."

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