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Cocoa butter: what it looks like, useful properties and contraindications

Cocoa butter is the result of heat treatment of cocoa beans. The processed grains are put under a press, resulting in cocoa butter.

What cocoa butter looks like

It is a yellowish-white or creamy mass with a firm consistency that loses its shape at temperatures above 21 degrees. The butter begins to melt completely at temperatures above 31 degrees. The product becomes transparent at a temperature above 39 degrees. It has a bitter aftertaste and has a characteristic odor and taste of cocoa. The product is widely used in cooking, cosmetology and medicine.

The benefits and harms of cocoa butter

Types of

There are two types of oil: natural and deodorized. Natural cocoa butter is obtained by separating the core from the shell, followed by processing and roasting. The result is a fat that contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Natural oil has a yellowish-white color, has an aroma and taste of cocoa beans. It should not be kept in the refrigerator. If the product melts at 20 degrees, it contains rapeseed and palm oil.

Deodorized cocoa butter undergoes additional processing. This procedure is carried out to increase the shelf life of the product. Such oil contains all the same minerals, vitamins, and fats as unprocessed butter. But it does not have a characteristic cocoa flavor. Such a product is used to make white chocolate.

Composition and caloric content

  1. Oleic acid. It makes up 43% of the total fatty acids. Thanks to this acid, metabolic processes in the human body improve. It helps to remove cholesterol from the body, strengthens the human immune system, has a beneficial effect on women's health. The acid is good for the skin. It helps to cope with stretch marks, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, fights fine wrinkles.
  2. Stearic acid. It makes up 34% of total fatty acids. Has beneficial effects on the skin. Penetrating into the layers of the epidermis, the acid can protect against external factors, nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  3. Palmitic acid. Constitutes 25% of total fatty acids. Increases the penetration of beneficial substances into the body.
  4. Vitamin A groups or retinol. The most important vitamin for the human body. Helps the body's cells regenerate and is important for the formation of bone tissue. Regular use slows the aging of the skin. It has a positive effect on vision, improves the immune system, restores the skin, helps to cope with irritation, dryness, minor abrasions and wounds.
  5. B vitamins. They nourish the skin, hair and nails, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and improve the body's resistance to various diseases. Improve intestinal function, restoring the flora.
  6. Vitamin E. Able to restore and moisturize damaged skin. It eliminates irritation on the skin, helps to cope with acne and red spots, improves the vascular system, removes harmful toxins from the body, acting as an antioxidant.

Caffeine, which is part of the composition, tones the body and energizes it.

The composition also includes minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium. They help in the treatment and prevention of diseases associated with anemia, cancer, gastrointestinal tract, improve blood circulation and normalize blood pressure. The product is very caloric. In 100 g contains 899 kcal and 99 g of fat.

What is useful for cocoa butter

What is useful for cocoa butter

General benefits

  1. Methylxanthine and tannin help skin cells regenerate.
  2. The product has a tonic effect.
  3. The oil is suitable for the treatment of skin rashes, sunburns and inflammation.
  4. Magnesium in its composition improves the heart and nervous system.
  5. The product restores the elasticity of blood vessels and reduces the risk of heart failure.
  6. Minerals and vitamins in the product reduce the risk of tumors.
  7. Flavanol has a beneficial effect on neurons, restoring and improving memory.
  8. Stearic acid normalizes blood cholesterol levels.
  9. The use of cocoa butter for a long time brings in order the condition of the skin and nails and improves the general condition of the body.

For women

  1. The regular use of cocoa butter has a favorable effect on the nervous system. Sleep improves, mood improves and apathy goes away.
  2. Regular use of cocoa butter reduces weight. It triggers the work of metabolic processes at the cellular level.
  3. The product improves the level of growth of hormones.
  4. Consumption of the oil in the morning reduces appetite. There is an improvement in the work of the protein-hormone balance. Due to this reduces the amount of food consumed.
  5. Improves the condition of the skin. Redness, itching and irritation of the skin passes. Cocoa-based masks narrow pores, eliminate acne, make the skin soft and velvety. Masks for hair contribute to the overall improvement of their condition. They become stronger and more manageable. Systematic use of the oil will help to get rid of dandruff, hair loss, normalizes the condition of the scalp.

For men

The regular consumption of cocoa butter will help reduce the risk of genital diseases. It has a beneficial effect on male potency, improves the quality of male sperm, stimulates the blood supply to the genitals.

Cocoa butter is suitable for consumption by athletes. It can regulate metabolic processes in the body, reducing weight gain, suitable for use after strength training, helps soothe muscle pain.

Daily use reduces the risk of blood clots and heart disease.


  1. The included caffeine has a tonic effect.
  2. Magnesium helps the formation of the fetus.
  3. Iron reduces the risk of anemia during labor and has a beneficial effect on the developing fetus.
  4. Theobromine improves vascular function by strengthening the walls and thinning the blood.
  5. When a reasonable amount of cocoa butter is consumed, there is dilation of blood vessels, improvement of blood pressure, reduction of the appearance of cramps, improvement of immunity.

For consumption it is worth giving preference only to natural cocoa butter, without the addition of harmful impurities, dyes and preservatives. It is suitable for use as a supplement to basic food, is a dietary product and does not cause allergic reactions.

The product is suitable for external use, reduces the risk of stretch marks and normalizes the skin.

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When breastfeeding

Daily use improves a weakened immune system. Since in the period of lactation a woman is limited in the choice of medicines, the natural product will help to cope with a number of diseases. A thin layer should be applied to the nasal mucosa, this will create a barrier to the penetration of bacteria.

If you have a sore throat, you should consume 1 tsp of cocoa butter per day.

The product is suitable for external use. It will help get rid of stretch marks on the body, from cracks on the chest.

For children

The use of children under three years of age is considered unsafe, as the product can cause allergic reactions. The caffeine in the oil is capable of overexciting a child's nervous system.

The oil can be used externally. To protect delicate children's skin from sudden temperature changes, frostbite and chilblains, cocoa butter should be used as a cream by applying a small amount to the skin. The mucous membrane of the nose should be treated with melted butter to create additional protection against viruses.

For losing weight

Regular use of the product leads to the normalization of metabolic processes. Cocoa butter has a sufficient energy value to fill the body with energy. The use of 15 grams of the oil during the day noticeably reduces the amount of food intake.

The product is widely used in cosmetology. Regular wraps help get rid of cellulite. Penetrating into the middle layers of the skin, the oil stimulates fat burning and helps to get rid of stretch marks and small scars.

Medical application.

Cocoa Butter Usage in Medicine

  1. For heart disease. Oleic acid is necessary for normal functioning of the cardiovascular system. It improves the condition of the walls of blood vessels, makes them elastic, penetrates deep into the cells and improves their function, normalizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  2. To strengthen the immune system. The product contains antioxidants. They remove toxins and harmful substances. Regular use increases immunity, improves the overall condition of the body, and helps to resist viral diseases. To create an additional barrier from viruses, you can treat the sinuses.
  3. For respiratory diseases. Cocoa butter will help to cope with respiratory diseases. It has an expectorant effect, accelerates the elimination of sputum from the body. When suffering from bronchitis you should do chest massage with cocoa butter. Massage will increase blood flow and penetration of useful substances in the body will accelerate recovery.
  4. For the skin. Cocoa butter has the ability to regenerate and heal the skin. For rapid regeneration of the skin a small amount of oil should be applied to cuts and abrasions. Oleic acid is able to protect the skin from the effects of bacteria and fungi. Wraps based on the oil help eliminate stretch marks, help in the fight against cellulite. The oil creates a protective film on the skin, protecting it from harmful influences, keeps the water balance of the skin.
  5. In atherosclerosis. Daily intake helps to normalize cholesterol levels, improves blood quality, eliminates the plaque on the walls of the arteries.
  6. In cholecystitis. It is a good choleretic remedy. Daily intake will help remove bile from the body, improve bowel function, reduce the risk of inflammation of the intestinal walls.
  7. With gastritis. Cocoa butter has an enveloping property, suitable for use during exacerbations and for prevention. In chronic gastritis there is a destruction of the stomach tissues. Included minerals gently envelope the walls and help tissues recover.
  8. In diabetes. Regular consumption of cocoa butter helps to restore the work of metabolic processes in the body. Doctors recommend consuming products containing cocoa in moderate doses.

Folk recipes:

  1. Gynecology. A mixture of sea buckthorn oil and cocoa butter will help in the treatment of cervical erosion. To do this, mix the ingredients in equal proportions, pre-melt cocoa butter. Soak a tampon in the mixture of oils. Soak a swab in the oil and soak it in a cotton swab.
  2. Hemorrhoids. To fight hemorrhoids, the following mixture should be prepared. Boil the flowers of chamomile, in the proportion of 1 tbsp. per glass of water. In the cooled mixture add 10 grams of cocoa butter. The mixture is administered through the anus with an enema. Repeat the procedure for up to 2 weeks. For hemorrhoids and stool problems you can do the following. Put cocoa butter (1 tsp.) in the anus. After emptying the bowels, treat the anus with the oil. It will help to relieve inflammation and reduce pain. With an exacerbation of the disease, you can perform the procedure up to two times a day.
  3. Respiratory tract pathologies. In cases of bronchitis, it is useful to massage the chest with cocoa butter. It activates the blood flow, the disease will go faster and easier. With a sore throat and a bad cough you should prepare a healing drink. Heat 200 ml of milk, add 1 tbsp of honey and cocoa butter. Drink such a drink at least three times a day. It will help expel phlegm from the lungs and reduce pain.
  4. Constipation. If you have problems with stools, it is recommended to eat 1 tbsp. of cocoa butter before the first meal. The oil gently coats the stomach, normalizes bowel function, speeds up the metabolism. After 3 days, the stool is normalized.
  5. For the skin. Cocoa butter is used not only as a cosmetic product. It can heal small wounds and abrasions, restore skin after sunburns. If severe redness appeared after sunbathing, it is necessary to make a bandage on the basis of the oil. The burn spot should be treated and a dry bandage of cotton cloth should be put on top. Repeat the procedure for 5 days.

Cocoa butter in cosmetology

It consists of fatty acids that are often used in the basis of all cosmetic products. The oil has a moisturizing effect, helps to cope with redness and irritation, regenerates, nourishes and smoothes shallow wrinkles, suitable for dry skin. Should refuse to use only people with oily and combination skin.

Cocoa butter in cosmetology

For the face

  1. Girls with dry skin prone to irritation and peeling, cocoa butter is recommended to use instead of night cream. On the pre-prepared skin of the face, apply a small amount and leave until completely absorbed. After waking up, remove the rest of the oil with cosmetics.
  2. The oil is suitable for use in winter to protect the skin from chilblains and frostbite. The fatty acids contained in the oil create a protective film on the face.
  3. Adding abrasive ingredients such as coffee, salt, soda to the oil can produce a scrub. Mix 20 grams of melted butter with 2 tablespoons of coffee cake. Such a scrub will gently clean the pores and help remove dead cells.
  4. To fight wrinkles prepare the following mask. From one carrot make a fresh juice. To it add in equal parts honey and cocoa butter, one chicken egg yolk. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Spread evenly on the face and décolleté area. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes. Wash thoroughly and moisturize the skin. After a month of intensive use wrinkles will be visibly reduced, the face oval will be smoother, the skin will be soft and silky.
  5. For tired skin, the following recipe is suitable. Finely chop a bunch of parsley. Mix with 1 tbsp. of melted cocoa butter. Leave on for 20 minutes. Repeat up to 3 times a week.

For hair

  1. Dry hair which is prone to hair loss will help the following recipe. Melt 50 g. of butter until liquid and massage into the hair roots. The rest of the oil should be applied on the entire length of the hair. Withhold the mixture for 40 minutes, wrap your hair in a terry towel. After a month of regular use, the hair will gain shine, the ends will stop splitting.
  2. For hair that is constantly exposed to heat treatment, cocoa butter is a real salvation. Mix 50 g of melted product with 1 tsp. orange tree oil. Repeat the procedure at least 3 times a week. Hair will become soft and manageable.
  3. A mask of burdock oil and cocoa butter will help to fight hair loss or slow growth. Melt 50g of cocoa butter in water bath adding 30g of burdock oil. Apply the warmed mixture with massaging strokes to the roots and along the hair. Wrap hair with a terry towel for 2 hours.
  4. This mask will help to cope with itchy scalp and dandruff. Mix 50 g of cocoa butter with 10 g of tea tree oil. Add to the mixture one egg yolk. Massage the mask on the hair roots. Leave for 40 minutes and rinse thoroughly with shampoo. Such a recipe is aimed at activation of skin cells.
  5. Vitamin mask is suitable for any type of hair. It will make curls soft and strong. The hair will shine and stop splitting. Mix cocoa butter and liquid honey in equal proportions. Spread over the entire length of the hair for 30 minutes.
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For eyelashes and eyebrows.

Cocoa butter is an excellent way to make eyelashes thicker. It is better to apply it before going to bed. It is most convenient to use an eyelash brush or a cotton bud. The oil should not get into the eyes. It is recommended to repeat the procedure daily.

To strengthen the eyebrows, prepare the following mixture. Mix 10 grams of cocoa butter with the egg. Stir until a homogeneous mixture. Dip a cotton pad into the mixture and place it on the eyebrows for 30 minutes.

For restoring eyelashes after eyelash extensions a mixture of burdock oil and cocoa butter is suitable. A warm mixture of oils should be applied with an eyelash brush before sleep. Repeat the procedure every day.

For nails

  1. To strengthen the nails, cocoa butter should be mixed with aloe. Rub the resulting pulp into the nail plate for 10 minutes. Rinse with water and moisturize with nourishing cream.
  2. To eliminate yellowing and white spots, mix 15 g of cocoa butter and the juice of half a lemon. Rub the mixture into nail plate. Repeat daily. In a week the yellowing will disappear, nails will be noticeably stronger and the skin around the nails will become softer.
  3. For dry hands and nail plate fits the following recipe. Mix 20 grams of honey with 20 grams of olive oil and cocoa butter. Rub the mixture into hands and nail plate. Leave on hands for half an hour and wrap with a terry towel. Noticeable result will be seen after 3 uses. The hand skin will become softer, the nail plate will stop splitting and nails will break less.
  4. For rough cuticles, cocoa butter is a real godsend. Steam your hands to soften the skin. Treat the cuticle with a piece of cocoa butter. After such a procedure, it will be much easier to do manicures. After the procedure, moisturize your hands with melted cocoa butter, using it instead of the usual cream.
  5. The following recipe will help for nail growth. Mix 1 tbsp. each of cocoa butter and honey and apply to the nail plate. Repeat every day for 3 weeks.

For lips

  1. A mixture of cocoa and honey is good for dry lips. Take 1 tsp. of each ingredient, mix and apply to lips with massaging motions. Repeat every day. Skin will become less flaky and lips will have a healthy look.
  2. For the delicate skin of the lips is suitable scrub the following composition. Mix 1 tsp. each of baking soda and cocoa butter. Apply to the lips in circular motions. Such a recipe will help eliminate keratinized skin cells and make your lips soft.
  3. A normal piece of cocoa butter will help keep your lips from chapping. Moisturize your lips with cocoa butter half an hour before going out.

For the body

  1. Cocoa butter will help in the fight against cellulite. Melted butter should be spread evenly on problem areas. Cover the treated areas with food film. This will create a greenhouse effect. All the nutrients will penetrate deeper into the skin layers and the breakdown of fat will be accelerated.
  2. To eliminate inflammatory processes, redness and acne you should prepare the following composition. Mix 15 g of cocoa butter with 10 g of tea tree oil. Apply to problem areas on the skin, leave for 20 minutes.
  3. To make your skin soft and gentle, you need to prepare the following scrub. Mix in equal parts coffee cake and baking soda. Combine 50 g of melted butter with 2 tablespoons of honey. Combine all the ingredients and mix until a homogeneous mixture. Apply to the skin with massaging movements. After a week of intensive application the skin will be softer.
  4. To moisturise dry skin cocoa butter should be applied before bedtime instead of your usual cream. Any oil is very dense and can clog pores. In order not to get the opposite effect, the skin should be prepared before application. It is desirable to clean it with a scrub. After waking up, be sure to take a shower and also cleanse your skin of any oil residue.
  5. To combat scars, scars and stretch marks the following mixture will help. Combine 30 g of cocoa butter with aloe pulp and vitamin E. Treat the problem area of the skin. This procedure should be repeated daily.

How to use cocoa butter in cooking

Cocoa butter is widely used not only in cosmetology, but also in cooking.

How to use cocoa butter in cooking

  1. Cocoa butter is added to make the base for cakes and cookies, to prepare creams, fillings for candies, muffins, Swiss rolls and pies.
  2. Cocoa butter is also used to make a variety of beverages.
  3. When mixed with different ingredients, it is not only possible to create a topping for a dish, but also a complete dessert.
  4. If you mix butter, cocoa and honey, you get a delicious chocolate syrup, which can be used to decorate any baked goods.
  5. You can use it instead of the usual butter. The dish will immediately become more delicate, there will be a light aroma and taste of cocoa. If you use this scheme in the preparation of the classic semolina, the dish will get an extraordinary chocolate flavor. It can surprise the youngest gourmet.
  6. With cocoa butter, you can prepare not only tasty, but also healthy drinks. For example, when you combine hot milk with butter and cocoa powder, you get not only a delicious chocolate drink, but also an excellent cure for bronchitis.

Hazards and contraindications

Cocoa butter has a number of advantages. But in some cases, you should refuse to use this product. It is recommended to refrain from it for people with diabetes mellitus. When the disease is exacerbated, cocoa butter can aggravate the disease. Doctors are of the opinion that moderate consumption of products with cocoa is not harmful to the body.

Excessive consumption can provoke allergic reactions. Caution should be exercised with this product during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. The composition contains caffeine, which has a tonic effect. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the product in children under three years of age. Their nervous system is arranged somewhat differently than that of an adult. A large amount of oil can overexcite the immature body of a child.

It is worth to give up the product in case of exacerbation of skin diseases. Do not use it as a skin cream for dermatitis, psoriasis. Cocoa butter can worsen the condition of the patient.

How to choose and store cocoa butter

The cocoa butter is a very exotic product. You have to choose it very carefully. It has to be hermetically sealed. The butter must be stored at a temperature no higher than 18 degrees.

Natural oil has a characteristic odor and taste of cocoa, has a beige or light cream color. It should become soft at temperatures above 20 degrees. If it has melted at room temperature, then there is margarine in the base of such a product.

Since such a product is always an export product, its price should be high. The following ingredients should not be present in the composition: palm or soybean oil, various thickeners, carcinogens and dyes. You can not use deodorized oil in food.

Natural product storage conditions:

  1. The antioxidants in the ingredients will keep the natural product from going bad. Natural cocoa butter has a shelf life of up to three years. A slight white patina may form on it. This means that the top layer of the oil has weathered.
  2. When buying the product for consumption, it is necessary to be sure of the expiration date. Such oil should be stored in the refrigerator. When purchasing the product for use in cosmetic procedures, it should be stored in a cool place, not exposed to direct sunlight. The air temperature should not exceed 20 degrees. It should not be stored in the freezer. Frozen product is more difficult to melt.
  3. Oil should be stored in an airtight, tightly sealed container. It is best to use plastic or glassware and avoid exposure to sunlight.

How to make cocoa butter at home

Cocoa butter is rich in vitamins and fatty acids. The useful elements contained in the product make it in demand among hostesses.

How to Make Cocoa Butter

As a rule, many people are not satisfied with the purchased version, so we offer a recipe for making cocoa butter at home.

What will you need?
Making cocoa butter is not difficult. Prepare the cocoa beans. Make sure they are of excellent quality. There should be no spoiled or unripe beans.

You will also need a juicer with grinder functions. This is an important prerequisite. Experienced housewives are flattering about the device "Champion". The equipment has enough power to get the job done.

How to make?

  1. Spread the cocoa beans on a baking tray lined with parchment paper. You don't need to use additional grease for the mold.
  2. Preheat the oven to 120 degrees and place the beans in it. Leave at this temperature for 25 minutes.
  3. Blow the hot beans with a hair dryer or fan to remove the husks.
  4. Grind the peeled beans in a coffee grinder or mill.
  5. Turn on the juicer and place the ground mixture in the bowl. Set the medium speed, go into grind mode. Wait for the first drops of cocoa butter to appear.

How to melt cocoa butter

Cocoa butter has a solid form and resembles a bar of soap. This form is very convenient to use in cosmetic treatments. The oil becomes soft at a temperature of 20 degrees. At temperatures above 30 degrees it melts. As it comes into contact with the skin, it melts easily. Therefore, for cosmetic procedures it is sufficient to run a piece over the body.

To use the oil in food or to add it to cosmetics, it is better to bring it to a liquid state. To do this, a steam bath should be prepared. Boil water in a small saucepan. After boiling, drop a bowl of oil into the pot. Leave on low heat until the butter is completely melted.

Can I Grow Cocoa Beans at Home

The cocoa tree is propagated by cuttings. Therefore, it is possible to cultivate it at home. The seeds of the cocoa tree can be planted at any time of the year by soaking them in warm water for 24 hours before planting. The plant requires loose soil and plenty of moisture.

In the pot, moisture should not be retained. Therefore, it is necessary to make a layer of sand. The pot with the seeds should stand in a cool place and not be exposed to direct sunlight. For successful germination of the seeds it is necessary to maintain an optimal temperature and humidity in the room. At a temperature of 25 degrees, the seeds will germinate in 2 weeks.

A cocoa tree can grow to a height of up to three meters. When young, the leaves are orange-red in color. Over time, they turn green and glossy. Small flowers may appear on the trunk of the tree. Under natural conditions, they are necessary for insect pollinators. At home, you will have to pollinate the tree yourself. Cocoa fruits will sprout on the trunk of the tree, they are similar in size to an apple.

The tree does not like drafts and dry air. Keep it away from batteries, a humidifier should stand nearby.

Interesting facts about cocoa

Interesting facts about cocoa

  1. The history of cocoa can be traced back over 3,500 years. Cocoa trees were first cultivated by the Aztecs who lived in what is now Mexico. The cacao fruit was prized. They were often used as money. The Aztecs considered cocoa to be the food of the gods. Another name for the cocoa tree was the food of the gods.
  2. The church forbade cocoa. In medieval Europe the drink was under the strictest prohibition. It was believed that drinking the drink could change the color of a baby's skin and blood.
  3. Cocoa beans are useful. With their help, you can get rid of depression, sleepiness, and fatigue. Regular consumption of cocoa tree products reduces the possibility of cardiovascular disease, helps to cope with respiratory pathologies, strengthens the immune system.
  4. Cocoa is not harmful to the teeth. It contains no harmful and dangerous substances that destroy dental enamel. There is a lot of harm in the consumption of chocolate. To enhance the flavor, manufacturers add sugar and preservatives, which destroy dental enamel.
  5. The effect of falling in love. Cocoa products contain caffeine, which tones and stimulates the nervous system. The effect of caffeine is increased when glucose is added to the drink. There is a feeling of lightness and vigor that is so similar to falling in love.
  6. Cocoa powder stabilizes blood pressure. Natural bitter chocolate can normalize blood pressure. Just two small pieces a day are enough, and high blood pressure will come back to normal.
  7. Due to the vitamins and minerals that make up the cocoa, it is very often used in cosmetology. With its help, it can smooth fine wrinkles, tighten the facial oval, remove redness and inflammation on the skin.
  8. The most expensive chocolate in the world. Candies Madeleine are made exclusively to order. The composition of the delicacy includes premium cocoa, fresh cream, truffle oil and sugar. The price of such a candy reaches 15000 rubles apiece.
  9. Cocoa butter is processed cocoa beans. It has a solid structure and is able to remain in this state at room temperature. The product has a bitter taste, characteristic odor of cocoa and a light cream color. It is widely used in cosmetology, cooking and medicine.
  10. It takes at least 1000 cocoa beans to make 1 kg of chocolate.
  11. Every year up to 4 million tons of cocoa beans are processed around the world. The main world supplier is the African country Cote d'Ivoire.
  12. July 11 is World Chocolate Day.
  13. Forster is a popular and unpretentious variety of cocoa. It is grown in Africa. It accounts for about 80% of world production. It is the highest yielding variety in the world. It grows quickly and has a bitter taste with a slight sourness.
  14. In 1828 in Holland they created the technology to produce cocoa butter and powder. From that moment on, the drink became available to all segments of the population.
  15. In the 19th century they began to make chocolate on the basis of cocoa butter. Since then, the delicacy began to be made in small slabs.

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