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Croutons: useful properties and contraindications.

Back in the XIX century in Russia crackers were a favorite treat in many homes. Usually they were used in a snack with tea. Over time, they have been modified and now in different stores there is a huge assortment of crackers, from sweet ones with raisins and chocolate to savory ones with different flavorings. Such a delicacy is quite tasty and quick to prepare, but is it as useful, this article will tell you.

Croutons are usually baked goods with a long shelf life. At the same time, they retain all their properties due to heat treatment and do not deteriorate from temperature changes, humidity or its light. That is why bread crumbs were originally used for strategic supply of troops. However, they are still a frequent guest on the tables in many families.

Types of breadcrumbs

Such bakery products are usually divided into simple and muffins.

The benefits and harms of croutons

The first group includes those made from white, black or gray bread. Under the influence of temperature (65-70 degrees), moisture is pumped out of them. Such breadcrumbs are usually used as a supplement to dishes. Often they are also crumbled and used as breading.

As for the second group, they are made from high-quality wheat flour with the addition of sugar, raisins, chocolate and other flavoring fillers. Such bakery products usually act as a main dish.

Composition and calories

Before looking for an answer to the question of how harmful or useful breadcrumbs are, it is worth understanding what they generally consist of.

If we are talking about quality baked goods, they will have a high fiber content. Thanks to this breadcrumbs have a positive effect on the digestive system as a whole.

As for the biochemical composition, rye breadcrumbs are rich in vitamins (H, PP, B2, B6, B9), minerals (cobalt, vanadium, copper). Wheat breadcrumbs are also high in vitamins E, B1. In addition, they are rich in iodine, iron and phosphorus.

It should be noted that, like any bakery product, rusks are quite caloric, so those who follow the figure should limit their consumption.

For example, 100 grams of wheat crackers contains 331 kilocalories, at the same time the quantity of dietary fat will be distributed as follows: carbohydrates - 72 g, fat - 1.5 g, protein - 11 g.

Rye bread crumbs are more caloric. They will saturate the body with 336 kilocalories, while the FU will be distributed as follows: carbohydrates - 70 g, fat - 1 g, protein - 16 g.

What are the benefits of croutons?

General benefits

In general, nutritionists note the great benefit that the use of breadcrumbs for the human body. It basically consists of the following:

What are the benefits of croutons

  1. Croutons are a good alternative to bread. They are less caloric, but more energizing to the body. They are good for blunting hunger and controlling appetite.
  2. Breadcrumbs are an excellent means for normalizing stools. It has long been known about their tremendous benefits for gastrointestinal problems, so they are often prescribed as a diet for all kinds of disorders and rotovirus infections.
  3. Unlike fresh wheat bread, breadcrumbs do not cause dysbacteriosis, on the contrary, they can be used as a means to combat flatulence.
  4. Croutons accelerate the process of intestinal peristalsis due to their high fiber content.
  5. Due to the fact that breadcrumbs contain a very small percentage of moisture, they perfectly absorb excess fluid in the lumen of the large intestine, thus facilitating digestion.
  6. Croutons help to reduce blood sugar, so they can be consumed even by diabetics (of course, we are talking about natural croutons without sweeteners).
  7. As noted earlier, croutons contain quite a lot of vitamins and useful trace elements, which give not only beauty, but also soothe the state of mind.

From black bread.

Nutritionists still give greater preference to breadcrumbs made from black bread than from white bread. The former contain slightly less simple carbohydrates, which are bad for both health and figure. In addition, they have less calories, but a lot of useful micronutrients.

From white bread

Croutons are easy to digest, for this reason they can be eaten by people who have various problems with digestion. As for the elderly, eating them instead of the usual bread, they get rid of flatulence.

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Are breadcrumbs good for pregnant and breastfeeding moms?

During pregnancy and lactation, it is very important to eat foods that are not only harmless, but also beneficial for the mother and her baby. It is this product are croutons. In addition to the fact that they have all the necessary vitamins and minerals, they also serve as a means of intoxication of the body and help normalize metabolism, which is so useful during breastfeeding. In addition, pregnant women croutons will help overcome nausea and get rid of toxicity.

However, you should take precautions even when consuming such a seemingly harmless product. First, during pregnancy and lactation can only use natural breadcrumbs. It is better if it will be homemade bakery products without artificial flavor enhancers. Secondly, we must remember that excessive consumption of breadcrumbs can cause constipation. If it is easier for an adult to cope with such a problem, a child will suffer from it for a long time. Therefore, it is best to use breadcrumbs in moderation and consult a nutritionist or a treating physician about it.

Is it possible to eat breadcrumbs when losing weight and on a diet

Usually, when they talk about dieting, they mean avoiding the use of harmful carbohydrates, contained mainly in refined products. With regard to breadcrumbs, especially if they are made from wholemeal, nutritionists speak positively. Complex carbohydrates are also necessary for the body to function properly. In this matter, it is just necessary to know the measure.

That is, it is possible to use rusks when dieting and losing weight, but for this purpose it is better to use bakery products made of coarse fiber and rye flour. You should give preference to homemade breadcrumbs, because they are more natural and contain no harmful additives. In addition, they do not cause an additional release of insulin.

But flavor enhancers, sweeteners and food emulsifiers increase the energy value, making breadcrumbs more caloric.

Those who are shown a therapeutic diet for digestive disorders should give preference to rusks, replacing them with fresh wheat bread.

However, when following any diet (both therapeutic and for weight loss), it should be remembered that rusks are the same flour products, so they should not be abused. For a feeling of satiety to come faster, you just need to chew your food carefully.

At what age can children be given rusks

Flour products are a source of useful carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, which are so necessary for children's growing body. That is why they should certainly be introduced into the child's diet. The question arises at what age it is best to do this and whether bread and other bakery products can be replaced with breadcrumbs. Definitely yes. It is dried breadcrumbs should be the first element of acquaintance of the child's body with flour products. They are easier on the digestive system, in addition, will quickly satiate the baby. At the same time, rusks will also act as a trainer for the teeth, so they will be erupting faster.

At what age can give croutons children

You can begin to accustom your baby to breadcrumbs from as early as 7-8 months. The best way to do all the above tasks is with white bread crumbs. Loaf bread is not suitable for this purpose, as it has a higher margarine content, which may make it too heavy for a child's stomach.

Up to 7 months, you can slowly start accustoming your baby to carbohydrates, but at this early age, it is better to soak breadcrumbs in water or milk.

In the period up to the first year the daily dose of crackers for a child should not exceed 5 grams. During the first three years, you should limit yourself to 10 grams per day.

Are breadcrumbs useful if you are ill?

Everyone who has any diseases is concerned about the question of whether it is possible to eat croutons and in what quantities. In general, there are no restrictions on the intake of breadcrumbs, but they should not be abused in several cases.

Diabetes mellitus.

The two most important indicators for any diabetic are the glycemic index and body weight. Croutons can be dangerous precisely because they contribute to weight gain when consumed in excess, as well as having a high glycemic index. Of course, there are no strict contraindications for diabetics regarding rusks. You should exclude from your diet any sweet bakery products, including those with added chocolate, raisins, cinnamon, etc. However, it is important to remember that breadcrumbs, like any flour products, contain fiber, amino acids, proteins, which are also important for people with diabetes, so you should not completely abandon these products.

Important: The glycemic index of breadcrumbs in the range of 50-80 units.

With gastritis and ulcers

With gastritis and ulcers, rusks are a fairly common product, which many people try to replace the heavy to digest fresh bread. Consumption of these bakery products in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can and should be, but first you need to study the nature of the disease itself. Here there are 2 options: if gastritis is caused by high acidity, then it is recommended to eat only breadcrumbs made of wheat or rye wheat flour. If the problem is low acidity, then flour products from rye flour should be excluded from the diet at all.

In pancreatitis.

With this type of disease, it is not recommended to eat breadcrumbs made from rye flour, because such flour products have too much coarse fiber. This contributes to irritation of the stomach and constipation, which can lead to intoxication of the body. It is also worth completely excluding the use of breadcrumbs with the addition of flavors and flavorings.

Harm and contraindications

Even with a large number of useful properties, dried breadcrumbs are not a panacea for all diseases, so they have some negative properties:

  1. Allergic reactions can develop when breadcrumbs are used extremely often with flavorings and flavor enhancers.
  2. Despite the fact that breadcrumbs cannot be called a very low-calorie product, many people like to sprinkle olive or sunflower oil on the breadcrumbs when making them at home. This way of cooking tastes better, but it can very quickly affect the quality of the extra pounds.
  3. When constantly consumed on an empty stomach or dry, croutons can also cause the development of gastritis. Therefore, it is always advisable to wash down this product with liquid.
  4. As already noted, sweet croutons have a high glycemic index, so they can raise blood sugar levels, which is extremely dangerous for diabetics.
  5. Abusing rusks can also disrupt the digestive organs, which leads to constipation and, consequently, intoxication of the body.

What is healthier breadcrumbs or fresh bread

Bread is one of the most popular foods because it has a high energy value and yet goes with almost any dish. In fact, breadcrumbs are the same bread that has slightly different properties. For example, unlike fresh baked goods, croutons have a crystalline structure of starch, thanks to which this substance is more slowly broken down in the body and therefore has a lower glycemic index, which is good for diabetics. In general, both products have the same composition, since one is a derivative of the other. Nutritionists are still more inclined to the benefits of croutons, but only if they are made from natural bread without flavor enhancers and a variety of additives.

Croutons also have fewer contraindications, as fresh bread is undesirable for use by diabetics and people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases. Otherwise, both products can and should be eaten, but only in limited quantities.

How to make bread crumbs at home

It was mentioned more than once in the article that the greatest benefits have breadcrumbs, which are prepared independently at home. They contain no harmful additives, emulsifiers, so they can be consumed by everyone.

How to Make Croutons

There are some of the most delicious recipes for the preparation of these baked goods. Depending on what the aim of the cook is, you can prepare diet breadcrumbs or treat yourself to a delicious snack with the addition of spices.

White bread croutons in the microwave

To prepare the simplest breadcrumbs, you need to cut a few slices of white bread into cubes. After that, they should be salted and placed in a single layer on a plate. Now you can send the future croutons in the microwave on power 750 watts. Cooked in this way croutons only 2 minutes. In this case, every 30 seconds they need to get out, stir and check for readiness.

Such croutons are great as a supplement to first courses and salads.

Croutons of black bread in the oven

This recipe is more extravagant, so this appetizer can be used as a separate dish.

Black bread (preferably it should be a little stale) should be cut into small slices of equal size. Then, all the slices should be placed in a plastic bag. Here you should also add dried herbs, salt, seasonings to taste. If you have a desire, and there are no health restrictions, you can add a clove of crushed garlic. Now you need to mix everything by shaking the bag, add a spoonful of sunflower oil and stir again. Then you need to pour the slices of bread on a parchment-lined baking sheet and send it to the oven, heated to 120 degrees, for 20 minutes. Delicious homemade croutons are ready.

Skillet bread crumbs

This recipe also requires very few ingredients, but a little more time. Diced bread should be salted, peppered and chopped garlic should be added to taste, mix everything well. Now you need to pour breadcrumbs on a heated and oiled frying pan. Fry the breadcrumbs for 25 minutes, stirring constantly.

Croutons for Caesar salad

This beloved dish is difficult to imagine without the addition of breadcrumbs. To prepare them, it is better to use lush white bread. The best for this purpose will be toasted bread. It must be cut into cubes. Now, you should throw coarsely chopped garlic on a heated frying pan and add your favorite vegetable oil. When the oil absorbs the garlic flavor, it should be sprinkled on the bread cubes, add salt and mix well. Then you need to send the breadcrumbs on a baking tray lined with parchment. Croutons should not touch each other. Cook these flour products for 10 minutes at 200 degrees. You can add spices to taste to the ready toasted breadcrumbs. Mix thoroughly.

Croutons for the soup

Nothing can be tastier than a first course if it is garnished with spicy breadcrumbs. To make them, you need to cut fresh white bread into cubes. Then, in a separate bowl, mix sunflower or olive oil, Italian herbs, salt and garlic, skipped through a press. Now put the bread cubes in a bag and add the dressing. Grind everything well so that each piece is enveloped in spices. Next, you can place the slices on parchment and send them to the oven for 15 minutes at 200 degrees. Delicious and savory breadcrumbs will be a great addition to first courses.

Croutons are quite easy to prepare, they can be used as a separate dish, and as a flavor enhancer for soups and salads. The main thing is to remember that for all the benefits of these baked goods, they also have a number of contraindications. However, if you use them in moderation, following the rules, they will become a frequent guest on any table.

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